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Anzac Day and Community Sport Guidelines 2021

Anzac Day is one of the most important days of the year in Australia. It commemorates the sacrifices Australian servicemen and women have made for our country and pays respect to all those who have served and continue to serve.   

In 2021, Anzac Day falls on a Sunday when a significant number of community sports are usually held. 

This information is to provide guidance to organisations running community sport in NSW on how to conduct sporting activities on the day in a way that respects and acknowledges the importance of Anzac Day.

Commemorative activities

To show respect for the day, it is strongly encouraged that community sport organisations incorporate suitable Anzac Day commemorative activities into their community sporting events.     

For example, having a minute of silence acknowledging Anzac Day before the start of the game. The following announcement could be made by an official at the game:    

As today is Anzac Day, before we commence our [game / activity] it is appropriate that we pause in silence to acknowledge and remember all those who have served Australia in times of conflict, and the Defence personnel who continue to serve and protect our country. We particularly remember those who paid the supreme sacrifice. 

[pause for up to 1 minute] 

Lest We Forget. 

An abridged version of this announcement could be used for junior sporting events.  
You may also want to talk to any veterans or current serving members of the Defence Forces in your organisation about any other ways that your community sport can connect to local veterans on Anzac Day.

Trading restrictions

In NSW, under the Retail Trading Act 2008, Anzac Day is considered a ‘restricted trading day’ - no trading is allowed before 1pm. This means that most businesses are closed during that time.


The NSW Office of Fair Trading has advised that community sport activities which include a canteen or BBQ or similar can operate before 1pm, on the basis that these are operating as a small business or on a voluntary basis.