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Preventing sport rage: How to educate members

To create a positive sporting environment and manage sport rage you will need to promote:

  • Club policies and procedures
  • Club processes for dealing with incidents
  • Fair play and good sporting behaviour.

Here are some suggestions for how to do this:

Information brochures and kits

Distribute sport rage education brochures and/or kits at registration or orientation day. They’ll help people understand what sport rage is and how they play a part in preventing it. NSW Sport and Recreation has produced a range of brochures and kits for clubs to use.

Go to our resource section to view and order all brochures and kits.


Publish articles and tips in your newsletter and/or website. Articles could focus on topics like codes of conduct, the ground official, fair play and what to do if sport rage occurs.


Think about arranging pre-season meetings between key groups, such as parents and coaches, to discuss club policies, fair play and expectations.

Role models

Arrange for role models from your sport to talk to players, parents and coaches. This can have a huge impact on people, especially young people.

Ground announcements

Play catchy announcements on game/event days that remind people to keep their emotions in check. Download our pre-recorded announcements featuring sporting personalities like Paul Harrigan, Nathan Hindmarsh, Trish Fallon, Michael Whitney and Les Murray.

If it’s not possible for you to play the pre-recorded version of the announcement, arrange for someone to read the script over your PA system.

Positive messages

Communicate simple fair play messages via banners, posters, stickers or animated banners on your club website.

Go to our resources section to view sample banners, posters and stickers.

Slogan competition

Try running a fun competition asking club members to come up with catchy fair play slogans. Award a prize for the best effort.

Fair play day

Arrange a fair play day each season to reinforce positive messages. Incorporate the suggestions above into the day, including handing out information brochures, inviting sporting celebrities to talk to people, hanging banners at your venue and playing ground announcements.

Good Sport Award

Adopt a Good Sport Award to recognise positive behaviour by teams and individuals. Decide on winners via a nomination system. Use a certificate or prize to reward your good sports. Below is a sample certificate also available for order in our resources section.