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Club health check

To grow membership, remain sustainable and provide great experiences to members, clubs need to regularly review their practises and look for areas to improve or conduct 'club health checks'.

There are several tools to help you.

Contact your state or national body

Many have club administration resources and/or training to help your committee. Some also have club accreditation programs, and may have staff dedicated to assisting clubs.

“Club Check-Up” Checklists

Sport and Recreation has a set of checklists designed to help club committees review where they are at. The checklist cover planning and reporting, budget, marketing, governance, communication, volunteers and other topics important to your club operations.
DOWNLOAD Club Check-Up Checklists

Club Health Check – the Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission has designed an online assessment tool called the Club Health Check. It aims to help sporting clubs examine how they are operating and identify areas of improvement. The online assessment should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. It’s recommended two or three people from your club complete the online assessment together. Once you have completed the assessment, a detailed report will be emailed to you.