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Running your SSO

This section provides best practice guidelines, useful tips, suggestions, templates and checklists for NSW State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) who wish to know more about how to run their sport covering the six (6) organisational health areas of governance: financial management, risk management and accountability, culture and integrity, strategy and planning, leadership and sport delivery.

Information is relevant for board directors and secretaries, treasurers, officers, board, committee members and all volunteers involved in running a SSO.


Governance icon


The Sports Governance Capability Framework has been developed to assist State Sporting Organisations improve governance practices and skills. 

Leadership, Culture and Integrity IconLeadership, Culture and Integrity

Resources to support leadership, culture and integrity in State Sporting Organisations.

Risk Management and Accountability IconRisk Management and Accountability

Resources to support risk management in State Sporting Organisations.

Financial Management Icon

Financial Management

Resources to support financial management in State Sporting Organisations.

Strategy and Planning IconStrategy and Planning

Resources to support strategic planning in State Sporting Organisations.

Delivery IconSport Development Program

The Sport Development Program is designed to assist eligible NSW based State Sporting Organisations to develop their sport in NSW through the provision of funding assistance and recognition.

Delivery IconOther Resources

Links to useful websites.