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A range of standards have been developed around facility development and use to ultimately ensure sport is safe, enjoyable and more accessible to the community. Compliance with standards may be mandatory in some instances.


The governing body for each sport generally provides information about facility requirements and standards. The Australian Sports Directory provides a list of National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. Each sport may be consulted for the most up-to-date information on facility requirements and use.
Sports Facility Planning & Use, Clearinghouse for Sport

This section provides a central collection point for sport infrastructure dimensions, standards and best practice examples of design. It is organised into unique areas:

About the resource library

This Community Sport Infrastructure Resource Library has been provided as a guide to assist in the planning, design and delivery of community sporting infrastructure. 

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Sports Dimensions

In Australia there are currently many exciting new developments in the provision of sport and recreation facilities such as indoor aquatic play areas. There is also a demand for traditional sports playing areas and facilities.

Sports Dimensions Guide


A list of Australian standards used for the sports dimensions guide – Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (Gov of WA) website.

Standards Australia publications

Best practice principles

Resources to help create safe and accessible environments for all members of the community.

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Co-located facilities

Integrated community facilities play a vital role in creating healthy communities, enhancing wellbeing, and building social networks.

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