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Office of Sport

The Office of Sport regularly undertakes the procurement goods and services, information technology, professional services, facilities management / maintenance, and capital works, as well as revenue generating leases, licences and facility use.

The Office of Sport aims to achieve best value-for-money in a simple manner that complies with NSW Government Procurement Policies and Guidelines. For more information on NSW Government Procurement Policies and Guidelines please refer to the buy.nsw website. 

To ensure the above the Office of Sport has established and undertakes procurement processes that are of a competitive nature. 

The Office of Sport utilises the NSW Government eTendering website to release information on upcoming opportunities, seek submissions for current opportunities, as well as disclose contracts awarded above $150,000 (incl. GST) in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

Suppliers interested in doing business with the Office of Sport should ensure they are registered to NSW Government eTendering. To register a Supplier must be a registered business and have an Australian business number (ABN).

If you have a procurement enquiry please the procurement team from the Office of Sport can be contacted by emailing sends e-mail)

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