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Conditions of entry

As a condition of entry to the Sydney International Equestrian Centre you agree to:

  1. Follow the direction and instruction of Sydney International Equestrian Centre staff at all times.
  2. Follow all rules and directions displayed on signage.
  3. Not do any of the following:
    1. Use indecent, obscene, insulting or threatening language
    2. Behave in an offensive or indecent manner
    3. Ride a horse without a safety helmet or appropriate clothing and footwear
    4. Light any fire
    5. Bring or attempt to bring in any alcohol or glass without the written approval of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre
    6. Bring a dog in without a lead. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
    7. Take animals into any building
    8. Leave any personal or animal waste anywhere except in the appropriate bins allocated
    9. Use any fire hoses. Penalties apply
    10. Interfere with or harm any wildlife
    11. Smoke in or around any buildings. All the Sydney International Equestrian Centre buildings are smoke free
    12. Break, damage, deface, obliterate or cover any structure, machinery, equipment, sign, descriptive plate or label.
  4. Comply with all NSW Road Rules and related legislation. All roads are designated public carriageways and NSW legislation and Road Rules apply. In addition, the following applies:
    1. Only registered vehicles (including motorcycles and four wheel bikes) are permitted to be used at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.
    2. Riders of motorcycles, bicycles and four wheel bikes must wear Australian standard approved helmets at all times.
    3. Bicycles or any vehicles must not be used after dark without front and rear lights.
    4. Golf carts must have current conditional registration in accordance with RMS legislation, only carry the specified number of passengers and only be driven by licensed drivers. Golf carts must not be driven whilst the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Between sunset and sunrise all golf carts are to be parked in a central location, specified by the Sydney International Equestrian Centre and keys are to be removed. No golf carts are to be driven onsite after dark unless authorised in writing.
    5. All Sydney International Equestrian Centre road signage and speed limits must be adhered to at all times.
    6. All vehicles, unless authorised, must park in designated car or truck parking areas and only use bitumen roads.
  5. Comply with all camping terms and conditions, including the following.
    1. Only camp in designated areas.
    2. Power leads must not cross roads or paths and must be tagged and tested and installed in a safe manner.
    3. Visitors are considered to occupy a camp site if they are utilising a power outlet or sleeping on site (e.g. in sleeping accommodation such as a float, trailer, tent, marquee, vehicle, etc).
    4. If two power outlets are being used, charges will apply for two camp sites.
    5. A maximum of two forms of sleeping accommodation may occupy a single camp site, providing they are only using one power outlet between them.
    6. The number of camp sites utilised is calculated and recorded each day by a person authorised by the event organiser and one of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre security officers.
    7. Trade stand operators who sleep in their vehicles will be charged for a camp site.
    8. Marquees and cars will not be charged for camping unless they are used as sleeping accommodation.
  6. Event booking process at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.
    1. Speak with the venue to discuss the event type, participant numbers, additional requirements, and available dates.
    2. Event dates are tentatively held for a maximum of 6 weeks at which time you will need to submit a signed booking request form and pay a security deposit.
    3. The venue will send confirmation of your booking date and an information package.
    4. Complete and return the event application form at least 8 weeks prior to the event date.
    5. The venue will provide a fee estimate, based on the details in you event application.
    6. Sign and return a copy of the fee estimate to the venue management.
    7. Meet with or phone the venue’s events team to discuss your event requirements.
    8. Provide a copy of your current Public Liability Insurance, with the State of NSW as an interested party, a copy of your event schedule/operational plans, risk management plan and bio-security plan.
  7. To ensure the success of events at Sydney International Equestrian Centre event organisers and stable wardens must abide by the following roles and responsibilities.
    1. Nominate a stable warden to monitor the stable area activity at all times.
    2. Notify the venue’s event staff when the storage room needs restocking. A stock-take will be conducted at the start and end of events to determine the actual number of bales used.
    3. Notify the venue’s event staff to arrange collection when horse waste bins are three quarters full, as well as when full, so the bin can be closed and competitors directed to another bin.
    4. At the completion of your event, and each evening, arrange for venue management and venue security officers to reconcile stable, accommodation, camping, equipment, and keys.
    5. At the completion of your event, arrange a time for the stable warden and the venue’s event management to conduct a stable inspection. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the stable bond.
    6. When the venue’s event management is offsite communicate directly with the security officer and provide the stable warden’s mobile contact details and room or campsite number.
    7. Ensure the stable warden is onsite prior to arrival of the first horse and leaves only after the last horse has left the venue.
    8. Ensure participants abide by all conditions of entry.
  8. Comply with arena surface protection requirements applying to hirers, including the following:
    1. Identify and provide a dedicated Arena Surface Officer (ASO) for the indoor arena (5) and arena 6, who is responsible for immediately removing any manure from the surface before it can be trodden in.
    2. Ensure that ASOs comply with instructions and use the equipment provided to them by SIEC staff for the purpose of performing their duties as ASOs, and acknowledge and accept consequences for failure to comply, including the following:
      1. Failure to maintain the surface will result in Venue Management engaging cleaning personnel to restore the surface to the condition it was in prior to use. The full costs of cleaning remediation will be passed on to the hirer.
      2. If hirers do not provide ASOs, Venue Management will schedule dedicated cleaners to work cooperatively with the hirer in the performance of the duty. Additional cleaning costs will be included in the event quotation / final fees.
  9. Comply with stable bedding/bales requirements of the venue.

    The SIEC has a contracted supplier for the provision of stable bedding/bales of shavings at the venue. The product has been tested and complies with sanitary requirements and the standards specified for collection, reuse and recycling by the venue’s waste service provider (including both the clear plastic wrapping and the organic material). The Office of Sport’s written approval is required for the use of any other bedding material.

10. Acknowledge the Sydney International Equestrian Centre accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles, goods or personal belongings.

The Sydney International Equestrian Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove any person Sydney International Equestrian Centre staff deem to be intoxicated or any person that fails to abide by the conditions of entry or any other written signage at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. Persons must not remain on any part of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre after having been requested to leave by a Sydney International Equestrian Centre staff member.