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Her Sport, Her Way - Women's Only Triathlon


Sydney International Regatta Centre

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11th December 2021


12:00pm to 2:00pm


Hills Tri Club - Womens Triathlon
Hills Tri Club - Womens Triathlon

Booking closed

We are no longer accepting bookings for this event. Please call our Central Reservations team on 13 13 02 for more information.

Her Sport, Her Way (Hosted by Hills Triathlon Club) 

December 11, 12pm - Registration from 11.15 – 11:45am 

Enticer Distance

Solo - $30 

Teams of two - $45 

  • 200m swim (and you can use fins!) 
  • 10k cycle (any bike is fine as long as it has brakes and you have a helmet!) 
  • 2km run (and you can walk!) 
  • A finisher medal! 


  • Late Entries: There are no on the day entries, we would love your commitment to this event as soon as you can! 
  • Withdrawal: Up to 7 days before the event - please contact to request a refund for the event entry fee only. From 7 days to event day - no refunds will be given  


  • Please check this webpage prior to attending if you have been to any of the locations listed, please consider your need to attend. Also, if you are at all unwell, please do not attend.
  • Race check in: Bikes are to be placed on the racks as directed and minimise your time in transition.
  • Race kits: As the race is held under Club Sanctioning bike and run numbers are not required, all you need is your timing chip.
  • Aid Stations: Please bring your own hydration if you can. The aid stations will be run on a “grab and go” basis, the aid station volunteers will be there to fill up cups.
  • Finish: Please take off your timing chip and place in the bucket at the finish line.
  • Refreshments: Drinks will be handed out by a volunteer. .
  • Hygiene: Masks outside are not mandatory, wear one if you wish, especially if you are under 16 and not vaccinated yet. This is to protect yourselves and our volunteers. Please ensure that you properly handwash or handrub – there will be signs at registration and outside the bathrooms along with hand sanitiser. Please limit queuing and crowding in all places, especially the bathrooms. Please shower and/or change at home and refrain from using the bathrooms for this purpose.


The womens only triathlon hosted by Hills Triathlon Club is held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith with entry through gate ‘A’. Registration and transition are located on the grassed area just over the bridge to the island on which the grandstand is located. A map of the event course will be available at the Registration Tent and is available on the Hills Triathlon Club Facebook page.   


Upon entering the gates of the Regatta Centre, you must abide by the speed limit imposed by the Regatta Centre management. The Regatta Centre has ample parking on the island opposite the registration and transition area. It is important that you park only in marked parking areas and follow the direction of all Regatta Centre Rangers. If the car park on the island is full when you arrive, overflow parking is available on the Southern side of the competition lake.


Officials will be on hand at Registration to answer any specific questions you may have concerning the course, the rules and to assist you generally. Do not hesitate to raise any query no matter how trivial it may seem.


You are reminded of your acceptance of entry conditions, waiver release and indemnification. Please note this is a legal part of entering the race and affects your rights. You have attested your physical condition to participate in this event. If you have developed a medical condition since you registered to enter, then this should be brought to attention of the Race Director and, where deemed appropriate by the Race Director, a medical certificate produced.


This will take place at the transition area. At Registration, you may be required to produce some form of I.D. (drivers licence, T.A. licence). Registration must be completed by the time specified. Only competitors will be permitted to enter the transition area.


The womens only event will use an electronic timing system, involving of an electronic chip attached to an ankle band. Your responsibilities as a competitor include:

  • When you register, you will be issued with your Timing Band
  • You must wear the Timing Band at all times while racing. The timing band with the chip must be attached to your left ankle before you check into transition. You must leave it on until you finish the entire race. It is a means of recording your finish times across the special timing points located at the end of each leg of the race
  • At the completion of the race you will be required to remove the timing band and place it in the bucket prior to leaving the finish compound area
  • As you have acknowledged on your entry contract, the timing chip and band is on loan and you are committed to returning the band intact with the chip to the Hills Triathlon Club, or pay a $20.00 fee
  • It is imperative that you return the timing band to the race dropout clerk at the finish should you withdraw from the race at any time. It is essential for us to know where you are on the course at all times for your safety and our ability to post accurate official results post-race
  • Note: the Race Director will monitor and collect timing bands from competitors who may be transported from the course direct to the Medical Recovery Area at the Finish Compound.


Qualified First Aid Personnel will be on duty at transition. Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. Any aid given by race medical personnel on the course is permissible and will not lead to disqualification. If, however, you have any other outside assistance you will be disqualified. You will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation, IV fluids, or if medical personnel consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or welfare of you or others.


You should ensure that your bike is in race worthy condition and you must wear a Bike Helmet that carries an Australian Standards Approved Sticker. You should ensure that it is adjusted properly.


This is an issue with the event centre and we do not want complaints about the extent of discarded wrappers from the race. Please avoid discarding energy bar/gel wrappers and, where available, use garbage bins particularly on the run course. There is provision for disqualification for littering on the course.


Briefing will be held on site, please listen out for our Race Director who will go through this on the day.


  • The event will commence by way of a rolling start, we will be starting a small number of participants at set intervals to ensure participant safety. 
  • Swim Cap Colour - Pink
  • Wave 1 – All entrants 12pm 


Maps of the course are available on our Facebook page (Hills Tri Club) and will be available at the registration desk on event day. They will also be in the briefing pack. 

SWIM - 200m for all participants: 

The swim runs parallel to the northern shore in the main competition lake of the Regatta Centre. All swimmers need just follow the shoreline to the exit. A wetsuit ruling will be determined on event day pending the water temperature taken by the Technical Officials. Wetsuits are permitted if the temperature is below 22 degrees.  Fins are permitted, we are encouraging your participation, and if you cannot swim the full distance, you may walk to the swim exit ramip and commence T1 

TRANSITION 1  (swim to bike):

Proceed from the swim exit, run along the foreshore up to the finish chute, go through a chute to your bike in the bike compound. Cyclists must ensure that their helmet is on and fastened before un-racking the bike. You must proceed through transition to the mount line on the roadway before mounting your bike.  

CYCLE 10km – for all participants (2 laps of a 5km loop): 

  • The cycle course is a loop around the competition lake which is 5km long in an anti-clockwise direction. Competitors will complete the following 
  • This event is non-drafting, this means you must maintain 10 metres from the person in front of you.  
  • Also, you can only overtake on the right-hand side of another cyclist and must cycle to the left side of the course except when overtaking.  
  • Even though the venue is closed to vehicular traffic there may be pedestrians or other cyclists on the course. Competitors must be alert to the possibility of encountering a pedestrian at all times and must be prepared to give way to any pedestrians if a collision is possible. 

TRANSITION 2 (bike to run): 

At the completion of the cycle leg, ensure you dismount your bike before the dismount line and then proceed to the bike entry point. Do not take your helmet off until the bike is fully racked in its original position. Teams will need to transfer the timing chip to the runner’s left ankle at the designated team change point. 

RUN 2km – for all participants (1km out and 1km back) 

The course for Run is the sealed path on the Northern edge of the main competition lake and is an out and back course. All competitors MUST run on the RIGHT hand-side of the run course. 


After crossing the Finish Line, please remove your timing chip and put it in the bucket at the finish chute. 


A volunteer will be available to hand you a drink. 


A volunteer will be available to hand you a finisher medal! 


If there are extreme temperatures Triathlon NSW Hot weather guidelines will be considered. This means we might have to reschedule the event, if we know about it in advance, or shorten the bike and run legs. We want to make sure you are all safe. 


Results will be available at Race Results and the link will be posted on Facebook after the event, of course it is not all about times, but finish lines! 

Please note that the Venue will be closed to recreational users during this event. For more information, visit our Opening Hours Page.

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