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Small Schools Week - for schools

Small Schools Week

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Outdoor learning, no matter your school size

Small Schools Week gives students from small schools the opportunity to share in a premium outdoor education program with other small schools in their area. With multiple schools in attendance, students can broaden their social skills and make new friends while taking part in a range of fun activities and challenges that promote resilience, relationships and wellbeing. Schools benefit too with programs that complement the curriculum and the chance to share in travel costs and staffing resources. 

As one of NSW’s premier outdoor education specialists and with Centres throughout NSW, the Office of Sport delivers exclusive programs run by fully qualified and experienced staff.

Our signature Small Schools Week program, ROAR, extends classroom learning through Relationships, Outdoors, Action and Resilience. Students get to step outside their comfort zone while learning to manage risk, become a leader and team player and grow in self-confidence and esteem.

Shared resources

Small Schools Week gives schools the possibility to share the costs of attending camp. For example, rather than each school sending their own accompanying teachers, a couple of teachers may be able to supervise the students from multiple schools. Multiple schools may also be able to coordinate their transport. Please contact the Centre for advice on potential cost savings and speak to the other small schools in your area to arrange the sharing of your resources. 


To allow students to get the most out of their camp experience we recommend you book a 3-day or 5-day camp. This will give students the chance to take part in a wide range of activities and will maximise their chance for learning. 


For upcoming Small Schools Week dates, please visit:

Small Schools Week Dates

Spread the word

Please share this program with other small schools in your area, so that as many students as possible can enjoy the benefits of outdoor education.