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Xtreme Challenge

Xtreme Challenge

What does it take to create and put on a successful outdoor event, such as Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash?

Xtreme Challenge asks students to find out. This innovative and integrated teaching unit gets students to evaluate the popular obstacle event phenomenon in the classroom, before creating, building and staging their own Xtreme Challenge during an adrenaline filled 3-day camp.

Students complete risk assessments, attend production meetings and work as a team to produce a streamlined and successful event that maximises participation and enjoyment. They explore the story of burns victim, Turia Pitt and her participation in the ultramarathon in Western Australia to analyse risk behaviours and environments. Fitness levels improve too as students prepare to compete in the ultimate Xtreme Challenge obstacle course.

To be incorporated into the PASS program and delivered during a school term, the program can be tailored to suit student needs and specific curriculum outcomes. You will receive the teaching unit via email upon booking into this program, allowing your PASS students to get straight onto preparing their very own Xtreme Challenge.


Designed by specialist PDHPE teachers, Xtreme Challenge integrates the teaching modules:

  • Event Management (AOS 3)
  • Lifestyle, Leisure and Recreation (AOS 2)
  • Participating with Safety (AOS 1).


By the end of the unit, students will have worked towards the following PASS syllabus outcomes:

  • 1.2 Analyses the benefits of participation and performance in physical activity and sport
  • 2.2 Analyses physical activity and sport from personal, social and cultural perspectives
  • 3.2 Evaluates the characteristics of enjoyable participation and quality performance in physical activity and sport
  • 4.1 Works collaboratively with others to enhance participation, enjoyment and performance
  • 4.2 Displays management and planning skills to achieve personal and group goals
  • 4.4 Analyses and appraises information, opinions and observations to inform physical activity and sport decisions.


The time taken to complete the Xtreme Challenge unit is flexible and is based on teacher, student and school requirements, however a typical program can be delivered in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Towards the end of the unit, students build and compete in their own Xtreme Challenge during a 3-day camp at a Sport and Recreation Centre.

Unit Overview

View a detailed unit overview that includes a suggested week-by-week scope and sequence, a list of sample activities and a sample 3-day program.


This program is available at Borambola, Broken Bay, Jindabyne, Lake Burrendong, Lake Keepit, Milson Island, Myuna Bay and Sydney Academy.