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Talented athletes

If an athlete has been identified as an emerging talent, then it is important to understand the pathway and support available to help them reach their potential.  Every sport is different. Discuss the specific talent pathway for your sport with your club, regional and/or state body.

State Sporting Organisations

State Sporting Organisations are the peak body for each sport in NSW. They provide links to affiliated clubs, regional associations and the national body. As an athlete progresses along the athlete pathway, your State Sporting Organisation becomes increasingly important. Support and services offered vary from sport to sport, however most will assist with:

  • Getting state teams to national championships
  • State squad selection and training
  • Coach development
  • Athlete development camps.

Regional Academies of Sport

There are 11 independent Regional Academies of Sport across NSW that provide development programs to identified athletes. Once in an academy program, athletes have access to high level coaching plus a range of sport education and personal development programs. The sports each academy provides varies, so contact your academy for more information:

  1. South West Sydney Academy of Sport (Campbelltown)
  2. Western Sydney Academy of Sport (Penrith)
  3. Central Coast (Mingara)
  4. Far West Academy of Sport (Warren)
  5. Hunter Academy of Sport (Newcastle)
  6. Illawarra Academy of Sport (Wollongong)
  7. North Coast Academy of Sport (Lismore)
  8. Northern Inland Academy of Sport (Tamworth)
  9. Southern Sports Academy (Wagga Wagga)
  10. South East Sports Academy
  11. Western Region Academy of Sport (Bathurst)

NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS)

NSWIS provides internationally recognised programs, coaching and services to elite athletes.  NSWIS has an Emerging Talent Program which aims to identify, motivate and recognise talented junior athletes who have produced outstanding results or have shown potential to achieve NSWIS selection standards and world-class results in the future.

Sports High Schools

There are seven Sports High Schools in NSW that provide opportunities for students who have potential to reach the elite level. The schools have flexible academic programs that assist developing athletes meet their training, competition and academic requirements.

Development Camps

A wide range of development camps are available to talented athletes across NSW. Camps are conducted by a range of providers, including commercial operators and sporting organisations. It is recommended you check with your Regional or State Sporting Organisation for options.

One type of development program offered by Sport and Recreation is the Talented Athlete Program. The Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation runs a variety of sport specific Talented Athlete Programs for junior athletes, aimed at enhancing sporting performance by providing intensive training and first class coaching.

Sport science services

Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation's elite Sports Science Unit contains specialist facilities and equipment, giving athletes access to a range of tests that asses athletic performance (e.g. explosives strength, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, isokinetic testing, wingate, acceleration and speed, lactate profiles and VO2max testing).

Delivered by expert Sports Analysts at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, the Sports Science Education program gives students access to sophisticated equipment and facilities not normally available to schools. The program, split into seven distinct modules, has been developed around the PDHPE Stage 6 syllabus and serves as an introduction to these subjects as well as a complement to in-class learning.

Grants and funding for athletes

The Australian Sports Commission offers individual athlete grants and scholarships