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Office of Sport

Cross Border Sport Fund

The COVID-19 Cross Border Sport Fund is part of the NSW Government’s financial support for the sport and active recreation sector, targeting NSW border grassroot clubs and associations that have been impacted by COVID-19. 

Important dates

  • Applications closed 1pm Monday, 28 February 2022.

Funding availability

The NSW Government has allocated up to $50,000 to the Cross Border Sport Fund.

Eligible applicants  can apply for funding up to $1,000 (excl. GST).

Eligible applicants

  • The local club or association must be a legal entity and have been affiliated with a state level sporting organisation or association
    recognised in another jurisdiction (State/Territory), including NSOs for with a unitary structure, before 26 June 2021;
  • The local club or association must be based in NSW;
  • The local club or association must have registered members and participants; 
  • The local club, association or organisation must be a legal entity whose primary purpose is to organise sporting activities/deliver sport programs;
  • If the local club or association is a school it must offer programs to the public;
  • The club or association must deliver programs for one of the sports listed in Appendix A (as seen in the guidelines)
  • The club or association has not already received funding from the Office of Sport or a NSW SSO/SSOD under a COVID-19 grants since 1 July 2021; and
  • the local club or association will use the payment for an approved purpose.

  • Clubs or associations which have already received funding through the Grassroots Sport Fund
  • Clubs or associations which are not a legal entity 
  • Clubs or associations which are not based in NSW
  • Clubs or associations which are affiliated to an NSW-based SSO or SSOD
  • Clubs or associations which do not deliver programs for one of the sports listed in Appendix A (see guidelines)
  • Clubs or associations who are a school and do not offer programs to the public 
  • Organisations named by the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse on its list of institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme

Eligible items for funding

Payments to clubs up to $1,000 can be used for costs such as:

Fixed costs

  • insurances
  • power
  • telephone and internet
  • fixed vehicle or equipment costs (lease, registration)
  • other base operating costs including affiliation fees, EFTPOS and banking fees and IT support arrangements

Irrecoverable costs

  • the loss of perishable goods (e.g. food) that were not able to be used
  • cancellation fees and charges (e.g. facility/ coach/officials) that were not refunded
  • booking cancellations that were not refunded
  • other costs and losses incurred that could not be reasonably avoided and were not recovered
  • 2020/21 registration fees that are not refunded from the relevant SSO for senior players (this does not apply to juniors who have used the Active Kids vouchers)
  • uniforms purchased for the 2020/21 season that are unable to be used for future seasons

Return to sport costs

  • marketing and communication expenses for the current or upcoming season 
  • essential equipment (including sport equipment and equipment required to implement COVID-19 Safety Plans)
  • uniforms for the current or upcoming season
  • subsidised registration fees for senior players (this does not apply to juniors who are able to access the Active Kids vouchers).

Note: Any individual ‘return to sport costs’ applied for and funded under this program will be ineligible to be funded under the Local Sport Grant Program for the same cost type.

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