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Office of Sport customer feedback widget

What is Feedback Assist?

Feedback Assist is a Customer Feedback system available now on government websites which aims to give customers consistency and efficiency in complaint management across the sector. Feedback can be provided through an easily accessible widget appearing on the right hand side of the Office of Sport websites. This simple and effective widget provides another contact point for customers to lodge compliments, complaints and suggestions.

How does it work?

The widget consists of a happy face a sad face and a lightbulb, by clicking the relevant icon you can submit your feedback.

Feedback assist widget

Once feedback has been submitted an automatically generated reference number will be issued and the option to have your feedback followed up directly with you if you nominate to receive a response.

Who can use Feedback Assist?

Anyone can use the widget to provide feedback, including members of the public, volunteers and staff.

What happens when I provide feedback?

Any information provided will be assessed and given to the appropriate area for action. Where a complaint is made, the matter is triaged, assessed and handled in accordance with our Complaints Handling Policy.