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Future Champions

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Future Champions Strategy

As a nation, Australians pride ourselves on our sporting champions delivering exceptional performances on the world stage and inspiring the next generation of aspiring athletes. As the largest jurisdiction in the country, NSW plays a pivotal role in developing these athletes to reach and fulfil their potential.

Through the development of the FUTURE CHAMPIONS strategy, the NSW Government seeks to influence and connect all relevant system partners and resources within the NSW pathways system towards this common goal.


Key system partners

NSW athletes are fortunate to be supported by a vast number of support organisations and individuals who work across the region to provide multiple services, resources and facilities to our pathway performers. While these are the Key System Partners, there are many organisations working with NSW athletes to assist them in their journey. These include: sporting clubs (both professional and not for profit) and public & private schools.

Future Champions Key System Partners diagram

Case studies

Case Studies are used throughout the Strategy to illustrate good examples of the actions and concepts under each Key Driver.
We plan to continue to showcase good examples of strategy in action as the project is implemented. If you have a good example demonstrating a recommendation or principle from Future Champions, please contact us at

AFL Sports Ready

Australian Sports Foundation

FTEM Coaching Outcomes and Best Practices

FTEM Explained

FTEM NSW Sports Workshop

New Zealand Prime Minister Scholarships

NSW Office of Sport Parental Workshop

Pathway Development Coach Success

Swimming Australia

UK Coaching

UniSport Elite Athlete Friendly Universities

University AON Rugby 7's

Future Champions at a glance

Future Champions has identified six drivers integral to high performance success, with the athlete at the centre. These six drivers allow for clear outcomes and recommendations specific to NSW athlete pathways. Each of these drivers will be individually explored.

Table of Future Champions pathway