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Women in sport

two girls in sporting uniforms

The Office of Sport’s Women in Sport Strategy, Her Sport Her Way (2019-2023) aims to build a stronger sport sector where women and girls are valued, recognised and have equal choices and opportunities to lead and participate. It provides a clear role for the NSW Government to work with the sector and new partners in innovative ways to shape the future of women’s sport. 

Her Sport Her Way builds on the momentum in women’s sport and looks through a female lens at the way that sport in NSW is delivered, coached, marketed, led, sponsored and consumed. 

Featuring 29 initiatives across four strategic pillars of participation, places and spaces, leveraging investment, and leadership - Her Sport Her Way seeks to increase women's and girl's participation as players, leaders and coaches, improve facilities, and attract more investment and recognition for women's sport.

Her Sport Her Way is a key action under the whole-of-government NSW Women’s Strategy 2019-2022.

Her Sport Her Way Year One Action Plan

Over the next four years the Office of Sport will produce annual action plans detailing initiatives to be delivered under each of the four pillars of the strategy. A key feature of the Her Sport Her Way Year One Action Plan is a strong focus on initiatives that reduce barriers to participation and promote inclusive sport experiences that reflect what women and girls want.


Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program

A program targeting fathers as the agents of change to improve their daughters’ physical activity levels, sports skills and social-emotional wellbeing. 

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Participation Planning Tool

An online tool designed to assist NSW state sporting organisations develop and implement strategies and programs to increase participation opportunities for women and girls. 

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Think Tanks and planning workshops 

Building the capacity of sporting organisations to respond to the rapidly changing marketplace and develop opportunities to increase the participation of women and girls both on and off the field. 

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Funding to support sporting organisations to test new ideas, concepts and innovations to increase participation of women.

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Places and spaces

Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund

Guidelines strongly reflect a focus on grassroots, community sporting facilities and projects that cater for the needs of women and girls. 

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Leveraging investment

Legacy fund programs

Programs that drive positive legacy from major women’s sporting events including the NSW ICC T20 World Cup 2020 and Women’s Rugby League Nines World Cup legacy initiatives.

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Upcoming opportunities

Watch this space for a range of initiatives, including the NSW Sport Leaders of Change Program, NSW Female Coaching Framework and IWD Sport Leaders Breakfast.

Visibility and recognition 

The Her Sport Her Way Awards recognise and celebrate the individuals, clubs and organisations who are giving women and girls more opportunities and equal access to participate in their sport.

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Strategy Development

The Her Sport Her Way strategy development process involved consultations with a diverse group of almost 800 stakeholders, a global evidence review by the University of Sydney and media analysis to drive powerful change for women and girls in sport in NSW.

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