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Office of Sport

Starting the Award

1.   Can only schools become Duke of Ed Award Centres?
No. Any organisation that works directly with young people can deliver the Award subject to meeting licence requirements.

2.   How does my organisation become an Award Centre?
Read the How to register as an Award Centre.

Complete the online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

3.   Is there a cost involved in becoming an Award Centre?
Yes. All Award Centres pay an annual fee that is inclusive of all training and support from the Duke of Ed NSW Division. See the schedule of fees.
4.   How do you become a qualified Award Leader?
You must complete both Level 1 and Level 2 Award Leader training and be approved by the Authorising Contact (eg Principal)
5.   How many adults need to become Award Leaders?
You need at least one registered Award Leader in your organisation, however we recommend you have at least two Award Leaders to share the workload.
6.   My organisation doesn’t have experience in running Adventurous Journeys. Can we still deliver the Award?
Yes. A number of outdoor recreation providers offer a service. Refer to the Directory of Activity Providers.

Change of Details

7.   My organisation is no longer able to offer the Duke of Ed. What should we do?

  • Contact the Duke of Ed NSW Division(link sends e-mail).
  • Any active Participants will need to be transferred to another Award Centre. 
  • If a Participant cannot be transferred they will need to be made inactive and will need to transfer to another licenced Award Centre.
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