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Fly Shoot

Fly Shoot is a SSAA shooting discipline that caters exclusively to rifles. The discipline includes Rimfire and Centrefire matches generally shot at 200 yards and 500m respectively.  

Each match comprises five targets, with the target having a ‘fly’ 30mm in size as the X-ring and scoring rings around it. Fly Shoot is a unique discipline as both the size of the groups and scores count towards a shooter’s final result.  

The Rimfire match allows the use of any .22LR rimfire rifle and the total maximum weight of the rifle must not exceed 7.711kg (17lb).  

The Centrefire match includes a Light and Heavy class, with both allowing any legal, registered centrefire rifle up to and including .49-calibre. In the Light class, the total maximum weight of the rifle including a bipod must not exceed 7.711kg (17lb), while in the Heavy class, the rifle may have an unlimited weight, but it must be manually lifted onto the bench. 

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