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The creation of combat sports public registers will first and foremost make the process of matching contests and building fight cards simpler for promoters and matchmakers. It will also allow for registered persons under the Combat Sports Act 2013 (the Act) to check their own registration status at their own convenience. 

The Combat Sports Authority of NSW endeavours to ensure that information in the public register is accurate. 

A public register of combatants is now available and the remaining registers will be available to search soon. 

Frequently asked questions

The public register of combatants will tell you about current and suspended licences under the name of licence number being searched. A licence search will provide you with the following information for the purposed of section 17(5)(a) of the Act:

  • the combatant’s name,
  • the combatant’s registration number,
  • the registration class or classes for which the combatant is registered,
  • the expiry date of the combatant’s registration,
  • the date, from time to time, until which the combatant is eligible to engage in combat sports contests under clause 7A,
  • the combatant’s ring name.

  • Use the field ‘Please enter Surname’ to enter the surname of a combatant OR use the field ‘Please enter Licence No’ to enter the licence number of a combatant then click ‘Search’.
  • The register will display the above details of the combatant. If no results are returned, there is no record of the combatant in the register.
  • To start a new search, click ‘Reset Filters’ and enter the details again.
  • Please be mindful to check the spelling of a surname when searching a name.

The date in the ‘Eligible to fight to’ column is the earliest expiry date from licence expiry, certificate of fitness expiry and serology clearance certificate expiry. 

This means that either the certificate of fitness and/or the serology clearance have expired.

Information on the public register of combatants is updated every hour on the hour.

Contact the Combat Sports team at the Office of Sport on 13 13 02 or email


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