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Office of Sport

Penrith Whitewater Stadium is the ultimate venue for whitewater paddling! 320 metres of solid Grade 3 whitewater designed to test the skills of the best paddlers in the world.

Whether you are into creeking, freestyle, slalom or packrafting, Penrith Whitewater Stadium is the place to paddle. 

To keep costs affordable, recreational paddling is held during rafting sessions. Recreational paddling session times will be published below in the recreational paddling schedule on this page. Bookings are essential.

First-time Recreational Paddlers

All first-time recreational paddlers will need to complete a Grade 3 Kayaking Skills Competency Assessment to demonstrate their skills to paddle PWS’s grade 3 whitewater course. The assessment is free of charge and is conducted with a Penrith Whitewater Stadium staff member prior to accessing the whitewater channel. First time users must arrive 30 minutes before their session start time to complete the competency assessment.


Water Access

Recreational Paddling: $35.00 per person. (Maximum one day) 


Kayak & Equipment Hire

Recreational Paddling Kayak & Equipment Package = $55.00 per day

Kayak: $32.00 per day 

Paddle: $11.00 per day 

Spraydeck: $11.00 per day

Helmet: $11.00 per day

Buoyancy Vest: $9.00 per day

Double Inflatable Kayak = $35.00 per day

Recreational Paddling Schedule

When What Where
15th June 2024
Recreational Paddling Penrith Whitewater Stadium
18th June 2024
Recreational Paddling Penrith Whitewater Stadium

Make a Booking

View the recreational paddling schedule and get on the water today!



  • Difficulty: Grade 3
  • Length: 320 metres
  • Normal Flow: 14 cubic metres per second
  • Overall Drop: 5.5 metres
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