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Office of Sport

The purpose of these Regulations is to:

  1. Prevent any damage to the Sydney International Regatta Centre ("Venue");       
  2. Protect visitors from suffering any physical injury or harassment while at the Venue; and
  3. Notify of risks in engaging in recreational activities at the Venue.

The co-operation of all visitors is sought to preserve and protect the Venue for the enjoyment of all.  The following is a list of activities that are prohibited at the Venue.


Strictly prohibited activities

Within the Venue, the following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • Use of indecent, obscene, insulting or threatening language or images;
  • Being intoxicated;
  • Being in possession of or under the influence of illicit drugs;
  • Behaving in an offensive or indecent manner;
  • Smoking and e-cigarettes (except where designated smoking areas are provided)
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable request or direction from a Venue authorised person;
  • Depositing any domestic or industrial waste;
  • Leaving any litter except in the litter receptacles provided;
  • Polluting any waterways;
  • To drive, ride or park any vehicle including motor vehicles, bicycles or rollerblades on any grassed or landscaped area unless so directed by a Venue authorised person;
  • To drive or park on any pathways without prior approval from a Venue authorised person;
  • To drive, ride, park or act in a manner contrary to any signs;
  • Abandoning any vehicle;
  • To damage, destroy or remove any grassed area, tree,  plant or other vegetation;
  • To dig any soil or deface any rocks;
  • To damage, destroy or remove any building, structure or equipment;
  • To capture, annoy, injure, kill or otherwise interfere with any animal;
  • Interfering in any way with any habitat;
  • Causing a nuisance through the use of radios, music players or any other broadcasting equipment;
  • Protesting and exhibiting protest banners that are offensive to other users;
  • To play or practise golf, archery or any activity that might be hazardous to others;
  • Lighting a fire or using barbeque heat beads (N.B.: The use of portable gas cooking equipment is acceptable on the southern side of the Venue. Permission is required to set up on the Island);
  • Discharging fireworks unless authorised to do so for a recognised event;
  • To carry, discharge or otherwise have within one’s possession or control any firearm or any other weapon including knives;
  • Camping or residing within the Venue;
  • Throwing rocks into the lakes;
  • Entering areas that are fenced off, locked or closed to the public;
  • Obstructing an authorised person from performing his/her duties;
  • Riding a skateboard or motorised scooter anywhere within the Venue; or
  • Having any items made of glass – please note that (with the exception of in the restaurant) the Venue is a glass free zone. Venue management reserve the right to check bags as a condition of entry.

Activities that are prohibited without the Venue's permission

In addition, the following activities are strictly prohibited within the Venue without prior written permission from Venue Management:

  • The collection of money;
  • The sale or hire of any goods or services;
  • Conducting amusements, entertainment, venue tours, personal training or performances;
  • Participation in, or organisation of, any protest, march, demonstration or public meeting;
  • The display or distribution of any advertising or political material;
  • Commercial filming (whether cinematic or video) or photography;
  • The erection of any structures such as marquees, awnings etc;
  • The distribution or use of balloons or stickers;
  • To erect, place or affix any banners or signage within the Venue or on any Venue infrastructure;
  • The use of any public address system including a hand-held megaphone;
  • Bringing any animals, other than dogs, on to the site;
  • Bathing, wading or swimming in the lakes;
  • Sailing, rowing or paddling any water craft in the lakes;
  • Fishing in the lakes;
  • Teaching any person how to drive a car or ride a motorcycle;
  • The operation of motorised model aircrafts, boats or cars; and
  • Conducting any kind of survey of visitors to the Venue.

Attention dog owners

Dogs are only permitted in the Venue if the following conditions are satisfied at all times:

  • Dogs must be on a leash;
  • Dogs must be kept under control;
  • Dogs are prohibited from wading or swimming in the lakes;
  • Dog owners must collect their dog’s faeces and deposit them in the receptacles provided;
  • Dogs are prohibited within the restaurant; and
  • Cyclists, roller bladers, and vehicle drivers must not lead or be towed by dogs.

Speed limits

  • The speed limit for all motor vehicles is 20kph.
  • The speed limit for cyclists and roller bladers is 15kph.


Motor vehicles at the Venue:

  • Must remain on sealed roads and be driven in accordance with all signs;
  • Must be parked in designated parking areas in accordance with signs, not on any other areas including any grassed areas, unless directed by a Venue authorised person; and
  • Must not be used to tow or push roller bladers or cyclists.


All cyclists must:

  • Wear a helmet;
  • Obey the direction indicated on travel signs (i.e. anti-clockwise on the cycle track);
  • Keep to the left of the cycle track unless overtaking;
  • Not hang on to any motor vehicle to be towed or pushed.

Roller bladers and roller skaters

All roller bladers and roller skaters must:

  • Wear a helmet;
  • Use the pedestrian track;
  • Keep to the left of track unless overtaking;
  • Give way to pedestrians;
  • Not hang on to any motor vehicle to be towed or pushed.

Risk warning to all visitors

  • Visitors may suffer injury or death as a result of participating in any recreational activities at the Venue. Visitors participate in recreational activities at the Venue at their own risk. 
  • The SIRC has unfenced access to the Lakes as well as cycle and pedestrian paths that at times are used by vehicles. Parents are required to supervise children at all times.
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