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An Approved Amateur Body is a body corporate or other body recommended by the Combat Sports Authority of NSW and approved by the Minister for a specified style or styles of combat sport for the purposes of the Combat Sports Act 2013. Approved Amateur Bodies are required to submit a range of documents for consideration as part of the application process including evidence of:

  • Affiliation with a recognised National or International sporting organisation including adoption of its amateur sport rules
  • A distinct set of amateur rules for each discipline/ style of combat sport under which all amateur contests will be conducted
  • Education, training and accreditation processes for officials used at amateur contests
  • Key elements of good governance including a constitution, board structure, appropriate risk management policies/practices/insurances and ability to communicate with its members/stakeholders.

Application are assessed against the Approved Amateur Body Framework (PDF, 129.01 KB).

The Minister may approve, attach conditions and revoke approval of Approved Amateur Bodies at any time.

An Approved Amateur Body is recognised only for amateur contests (including amateur contests conducted as part of a Pro-Am contest) and they are required to undertake specific duties at permitted contests.

Prior to issuing a permit for an amateur contest, the Combat Sports Authority must have received approval by an Approved Amateur Body for the contest and acknowledging that they will be conducting the required duties at the contest.

Approval by an Approved Amateur Body does not guarantee the permit approval as there are other matters to be determined by the Combat Sports Authority before issuing a permit


Approved Amateur Body  Approved styles/disciplines of amateur combat sport Contact person Phone Contact Email Contact
Boxing Australia (NSW) Incorporated (BANSW) Boxing Sean Fitzpatrick 0411 563 644 
League Boxing Incorporated (LBI) Boxing Ian Batty 0402 083 072 sends e-mail)
International World Kickboxing Federation Inc (IWKBF) Kick Boxing / Muay Thai / MMA Glen Baragry 0417 423 166 sends e-mail)
Australian Mixed Martial Arts Sports Association  Incorporated
MMA Zaya Zaya 0425 220 574 sends e-mail)
Martial Arts Sports Association Incorporated (MASA) Kick Boxing / Muay Thai / MMA John Ioannou 0418 475 901 sends e-mail)
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations Inc (WAKO) Kick Boxing  Ed Bavelock (07) 3356 9366 (link sends e-mail)
Muay Thai Australia (MTA) Muay Thai / Thai Boxing) Andrew Parnham 0433 713 833 sends e-mail)
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