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Office of Sport

At least one Combat Sport Inspector must attend each combat sport contest. There are specific duties to be undertaken by the Combat Sport Inspector as required by the Act, Regulation and Rules. 

Before a contest

In the 24 hours before a scheduled contest the Combat Sport Inspector may enter and inspect the premise for the purpose of monitoring compliance with permit conditions. During this inspection the Combat Sport Inspector may photograph, film etc. any part of the venue to be used for the contest, weigh-in or to be set aside for the use of combatants and industry participants at the contest. The Combat Sport Inspector may question the promoter, combatants and industry participants involved in the weigh-in or contest. The Combat Sport Inspector may take copies of any contest related documents.

At a weigh-in

The Combat Sports Authority may authorise a Combat Sport Inspector or other person to attend the weigh-in for a professional contest to view the weigh-in and undertake the following duties:

  • Check and record each combatant’s weight
  • Enter the details of the weigh-in into the medical record book of each combatant
  • Enter information onto the approved contest forms.

The Approved Amateur Body must supervise the weigh-in for amateur contests.

Importantly, the Combat Sport Inspector may, at or after the weigh-in for a combat sport contest, direct a person not to hold a combat sport contest if they are of the opinion that there is likely to be a contravention of the Act, Regulation or Rules. They may also direct an industry participant not to act as an industry participant in relation to the combat sport contest (eg. direct a judge not to judge the contest) or direct a combatant not to participate.

At a contest

At a contest the Combat Sport Inspector will:

  • check the combatant’s gloves, bandages, other protective clothing and equipment and if problems are identified, direct the promoter and/or combatant to address these
  • direct a referee to stop a contest (where the referee has not already done so):
    • if the Combat Sport Inspector is of the opinion that the combatant is exhausted or injured to such an extent as to be unable to defend themselves or continue the contest
    • if a disruption occurs that in the Combat Sport Inspector's opinion warrants the stopping of the contest.
  • record the result of the contest on the approved form and provide this to the Combat Sports Authority as soon as practical
  • check the registration status of any combatant, industry participant or promoter involved in the conduct of the contest
  • make notes on the conduct of the contest and take photographic documentation or video footage of any suspected breaches of the Act, Regulation or Rules.
  • A Combat Sport Inspector, if authorised, may issue Penalty Notices for breaches of the Act and/or Regulation.

Following the contest

Following the contest the Combat Sport Inspector will:

  • report to the Combat Sports Authority on the conduct of the contest and any breaches of the Act, Regulation or Rules.

The Combat Sports Authority may issue Show Cause Notices and/or Penalty Notices in relation to breaches of the Act, Regulation or Rules reported by the Combat Sport Inspector.

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