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Office of Sport

Participant Code of Behaviour

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

The Office of Sport looks forward to providing an enjoyable and positive outdoor recreation camp experience for your child. We want to create a respectful and inclusive environment for all participants, and ask that camp behaviours and values are discussed with your child prior to attending.

The following information outlines the camp’s behaviour code and values, the type of behaviour that is considered unacceptable at camp and the Office of Sport’s approach to behaviour management. 

By attending the camp, we expect all participants to understand and agree to demonstrate these behaviours and values. 

Behaviour Code

  • Campers are responsible for their words and actions 
  • Campers should show respect to, and be inclusive of others at all times
  • Campers are required to follow directions and instructions from staff 
  • Campers should communicate and inform staff of any behaviours that are not aligned to this code

Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Putting yourself or others, including staff, in danger  
  • Being disrespectful including physical and verbal mistreatment of others
  • Bullying, aggression or violent behaviours including cyber bullying
  • Theft or intended damage to Office of Sport property or the personal property of other people. 
  • Possession of illegal substances or equipment, including alcohol 
  • Inappropriate language including swearing or derogatory comments toward others 
  • Mobile phones must not be used in any way or place that is disruptive to the Centre’s activities 
  • You must ask for permission from others before they are filmed, photographed or recorded. If a person does not give permission, they are not to be photographed, filmed or recorded. This includes the Office of Sport staff. 

Behaviour Management

  • Behaviour that is not aligned to this code will be managed by Office of Sport staff. Approaches may include:
  • Staff redirection of behaviour
  • Guidance and discussion of appropriate behavioural expectations with your child
  • Exclusion from activities 
  • Discussion with parents/guardians by phone
  • The matter is referred to the participant’s group organiser/school
  • Removal of your child from camp 

 The Office of Sport strives to establish a positive and encouraging environment where participants feel safe and a valued part of the camp community.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support regarding camp behaviour. 

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