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Office of Sport

Pathways and Development

The NSW Office of Sport through its Pathways area within the Sector performance team, provides guidance and ongoing support specific to best practice participant and athlete development to a broad range of stakeholders and organisations. 

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Organisations and stakeholders include:
  • Sport Participants and Athletes, Parents and Coaches
  • NSW School network including Sports High Schools
  • NSW University network
  • NSW Club network
  • NSW Regional Academies of Sport
  • State Sporting Organisations and State Sporting Organisations for People with Disability
  • National Sporting Organisations and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability
  • NSW Institute of Sport – Talent Program
Areas of engagement include:
  1. Facilitating the review, refinement, and communication of a sport’s ‘whole of sport strategy’ and related operations (fit of programs, personnel etc.) inclusive of its:
    • Foundational (Grass roots) levels (participation engagement strategies, products, and programs)
    • Talent levels (recruitment, selection, development, and transition of pre-elite athletes)
    • Elite and Mastery levels (High Performance)  
  2. Delivery of educational workshops for sport administrators and practitioners, athletes, coaches and parents
  3. Facilitation of networking events for pathway stakeholders
  4. Aligned research activities

System-level Guiding Framework - FTEM NSW

Developed by the NSW Office of Sport and adapted from the original FTEM framework, the FTEM NSW – Participant and Athlete Development Framework and its best practice principles directly informs guidance and support specific to participant and athlete engagement and development.

Future Champions - Pathways to Sporting Success

Launched in late 2019, the Future Champions strategy was developed by the NSW Office of Sport in partnership with the NSW sports sector.

Empowering our stakeholders

A key action within the Future Champions strategy is to provide quality contemporary information and resources for all stakeholders (i.e., participants, athletes, parents, coaches, schools, clubs and organisations etc.) to support the participation and talent levels of sport and active recreation within NSW.
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