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Running your club

Whether you have 10 members or 10,000, this resource provides guidelines, useful tips, suggestions, templates, checklists and links for NSW sporting and recreation organisations. 

The information in this resource is relevant for individuals elected or appointed to boards or committees of sporting clubs or associations, who are often seen as community sports leaders. 

Club office bearers typically have higher levels of involvement and are responsible for running their club. They have specific legal obligations as directors and are often given titles including: committee member, sports administrator, president, chairperson, treasurer, secretary, public officer or member protection information officer and all volunteers involved in running a sporting organisation at the community or grassroots level in NSW. Five areas are covered:

Game Plan

To be a successful, well-run club, you need a clear understanding of leadership, planning, people and organisational performance while maintaining a strong member focus. The Sport Australia Game Plan is the first step in growing and running your club and helping to make it sustainable.

Club Governance

Effective governance protects the rights of your members and stakeholders and assists the continued success and growth of your club or association.

Club Management

Club office bearers and other volunteers have legal obligations and responsibilities to members and the club affiliate body to manage, administer and control the club’s activities. Effective club governance and management go hand in hand.

People Management

The people in your club, whether they be paid staff or volunteers such as the club office bearers, coaches, referees, umpires or registrar are the lifeblood of your club and your most important asset. Volunteers freely choose to give their time, skills and experience to support your club.

Safe and Fair Clubs

Sport clubs in NSW provide enormous community and social benefits. They also have a responsibility to offer a fair, safe and inclusive sporting environment. When running a club, it is important to consider the many areas that contribute to creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
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