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Office of Sport

Your club’s constitution should set out how your club is to be managed, who manages it, what authority different office bearers have and how problems are to be solved if they arise.  

Whether your club has been established as a company or an association, office bearers through the committee (sometimes called the 'committee of management' or 'board') are responsible for managing the activities of the club.

Club management is different from governance. Club management is primarily concerned with the day-to-day operations of a club, such as the conduct of competitions whilst governance, on the other hand, focuses on the systems and structures by which a club is directed and controlled.

In this section, there is a range of information to assist your committee of management or board to successfully manage your club.


As with any resource, this does not replace obtaining legal advice on each sport specific requirement and it is recommended you do so. 

The information provided in this resource is for your information only.  The authors and the NSW Office of Sport accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or your reliance upon it.

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