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Office of Sport

What we do

The Office of Sport is the lead NSW Government agency for sport and active recreation. The Office of Sport aims to increase the levels of physical activity of the people of NSW by providing the leadership, policies, programs, funding and infrastructure necessary to enable higher rates of participation in sport and active recreation.

Sport is defined as physical activity that can be undertaken by a team or an individual in a social or competitive environment in pursuit of a result. It can be organised or less formal with a greater focus on social outcomes.

Active recreation is defined as physical activity for the purposes of relaxation, health and wellbeing or enjoyment which can be self-directed or facilitated by a provider or organisation.

Our Mission

Building Active Communities.

Our Vision 

Sport and active recreation creating healthier people, connecting communities and making a stronger NSW.

Value Proposition

Providing the people of NSW with the leadership, policies, programs, funding and infrastructure necessary to maximise the social, health and economic benefits realised through sport and active recreation.

Social Outcomes

Sport and active recreation are an important part of the fabric of our communities. It reaches across age, cultural background and demographic groups. Whether it’s performed at grassroot or elite level, it can be a vehicle for community identity and pride. Sport and active recreation strengthens social networks and builds a sense of belonging for participants. It contributes to community character and gives us local role models that inspire and unify us.

Health Outcomes

People who participate in sport and active recreation enjoy better physical and mental health. A child participating in sport and active recreation early in life is more likely to maintain active and healthy behaviours throughout their life. Participation in sport and active recreation can improve life expectancy and can reduce the rate of non-communicable diseases. It can also play a significant role in the management and prevention of mental health conditions. Research also shows that participation in sport and active recreation contributes to better cognitive function and academic achievement.

Economic Outcomes

Sport and active recreation create jobs and opportunities for investment. Hosting major sporting events contribute to regional and local economies and is a driver for the NSW visitor economy. Voluntary work enables many sport and active recreation events and activities and makes a large contribution to the economy. Volunteering also helps to develop and reinforce skills and build social networks that can lead to economic as well as social and health outcomes. The health and social outcomes achieved through participating in sport and active recreation contribute to improving workforce productivity and reducing overall healthcare costs.

Our Focus Areas

  1. Participation – OUR GOAL: Everyone in NSW participating in sport and active recreation throughout their whole life
  2. Places and Spaces – OUR GOAL: Everyone in NSW can access places and spaces for sport and active recreation
  3. Sector Sustainability – OUR GOAL: The sector continues to grow sport and active recreation across NSW
  4. Partnerships and Investment – OUR GOAL: Partnerships and investment in sport and active recreation that maximise the value for everyone in NSW

The Office of Sport has three key Groups and works closely with a number of other agencies. 

Office of the Chief Executive

The Office of the Chief Executive provides services and support across the Office of Sport, including:

  • Executive and ministerial support
  • Corporate planning and performance reporting
  • Legal services
  • Audit, risk management and governance
  • Communications and marketing support including media and issues management
  • Financial management 
  • Strategic procurement
  • Human resources strategy and policy
  • Payroll services
  • IT services and support

Policy and Planning

We support NSW communities to access inclusive, safe and diverse sport and active recreation activities by:

  • Developing and delivering evidence-based policy, strategies and programs 
  • Implementing programs and initiatives to address barriers to participation 
  • Establishing and supporting strategic relationships across the sector and with community stakeholders
  • Supporting a strong and resilient sport and active recreation sector
  • Identifying, planning and advocating for sport and active recreation infrastructure needs
  • Outcomes-based regulation
  • Securing and leveraging major sport events in NSW

Regional Delivery

Leading sport and active recreation in creating healthier people, connecting regional communities and making a stronger regional NSW by:

  • Delivering programs in our facilities that give people, especially children, fun and challenging experiences in sport and active recreation
  • Taking a place-based approach to the operation of our centres and the development of regional plans – recognising local strengths, weaknesses, constraints and opportunities
  • Creating and fostering productive partnerships in all regions of NSW
  • Effective management of Government investment in regional facilities and services

Agency partnerships

The Office of Sport works closely with the following agencies:

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