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Office of Sport

Her Sport Her Way

This four-year strategy aims to build a stronger sport sector where women and girls are valued, recognised and have equal choices and opportunities to lead and participate. It provides a clear role for the NSW Government to work with the sector and new partners in innovative ways to shape the future of women’s sport.

Her Sport Her Way builds on the momentum in women’s sport and looks through a female lens at the way that sport in NSW is delivered, coached, marketed, led, sponsored and consumed. 

Featuring 29 initiatives across four strategic pillars of participation, places and spaces, leveraging investment, and leadership - Her Sport Her Way seeks to increase women's and girl's participation as players, leaders and coaches, improve facilities, and attract more investment and recognition for women's sport.

Her Sport Her Way is a key action under the whole-of-government NSW Women’s Strategy 2019-2022.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub was developed to showcase innovative sport programs and take a deep dive into the latest insights, research, and solutions aimed at increasing the participation of women and girls in sport, both on and off the field.


Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered Program

An award-winning, evidence-based program proven to enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of girls. 

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Trendspotter Forum

The Trendspotter Forum brings together the best and the brightest to see what's on the horizon and lay the foundations for a new holistic decision-making approach to investment.

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Her Sport Her Way Awards

Recognising and celebrating the achievements of leaders in women’s sport through awards and storytelling shines a light on gender equity across the sector. 

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Forums and Think Tanks

Sharing the latest evidence, sport research and market insights, innovation in universal design, promising programs, case studies and learnings.

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Inclusive Facility Design and Innovation Forum

Join us for this series of online forums to explore how to create welcoming, inclusive environments that consider the full range of human diversity:  ability, language, culture, gender, age and other difference.



Each year the Office of Sport provides millions in government grants to nurture sporting talent, help build sports facilities and develop the industry as a whole. 

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Leadership program

Increasing visibility of women in sport as players and leaders. Building the capability of sporting organisations to create gender inclusions cultures and environments from grassroots through to the boardroom. Coming soon:


Legacy Program

Driving positive legacy from major women’s sporting events, ensuring that the sector has the facilities and resources to enhance participation opportunities for women and girls before, during and after the events.

Participation Planning Tool

The planning tool and resources can be used to shape strategic plans and operating structures, such as induction processes, participation goals, product development, marketing and communication materials.

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