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Integrity in sport

Sport is valued in our community. It’s important we protect that value and maintain the integrity of sport.

Threats to sports integrity include those which impact honest sport, such as doping and match fixing, as well as those which impact peoples positive experience in sport, such as abuse, discrimination and harassment.

Everyone has a role to play, including organisations and individuals.

Sport organisations:

  • Shared values and positive culture
  • Committed and strong leadership
  • Understand and adhere to laws
  • Robust codes of conduct and integrity related policies 
  • Ongoing education and training for all members, participants and staff/volunteers
  • Ongoing communication to all members

Individuals (participants, administrators, coaches, managers, volunteers, spectators etc):

  • Strong personal values and ethical decision making
  • Understand and adhere to laws
  • Adhere to your sport organisations policies and codes of conduct
  • Be informed and take part in relevant training

Resource directory

Integrity is a broad topic and there are a wide range of resources available to organisations and individuals. Where relevant, always check with your State or National Sporting organsation for guidance and advice first.

Our Safe and Fair Clubs section covers a wide range of practical advice for clubs on integrity issues.

Topic Resources

Good Sports – accreditation, resources, training

Liqour and Gaming NSW

Bullying Office of Sport – bullying information
Child protection and safety Office of Sport - Child Safe Sport
Complaint handling

Office of Sport – complaints information 

Conduct and behaviour

Play by the Rules – tips for committees, coaches, officials, parents and players

Office of Sport – Safe and fair clubs guide


Office of Sport – Discrimination information

Anti-Discrimination NSW

Doping and performance enhancing drugs Sport Integrity Australia  - online training, resources, templates, substances and rules, testing and more
eSafety and social media

Office of Sport – eSafety information

Office of the eSafety Commissioner – resources, report incidents, training

Office of the eSafety Commissioner – checklist for sport organisations

Ethical decision making

Play by the Rules – Ethical decisions online course

Play by the Rules – Walking the Talk online course


Office of Sport – Harassment information 

Play by the Rules – harassment online training

Illicit drugs

Illicit Drugs in Sport online training course

Good Sports – tackling illegal drugs program for clubs

Inclusion and diversity

Play by the Rules – inclusion and diversity advice

Play by the Rules – sport club/organisation case studies

Integrity planning

Sport Integrity Australia 

Office of Sport - advice for State/Peak Sporting Organisations

Governance – Play by the Rules – Governance advice for clubs

Play by the Rules – introduction to integrity

Match manipulation and sports wagering

Sport Integrity Australia

Keep Sport honest online training

NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming - sport wagering in NSW

Play by the Rules – match fixing and grassroots sport ebook

Member protection

Office of Sport – Member protection information 

Member Protection Information Officer training

Mental health

Office of Sport – Mental health information


Information and Privacy Commission NSW 

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Supplements Sport Integrity Australia