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Discrimination occurs when someone is treated less favourably than others in similar circumstances, and it is because they belong to a particular group of people or have a particular characteristic. It can be direct or indirect, and can be against the law.

Everyone has the right to fair and respectful involvement in sport. Clubs should focus on creating a culture and environment that’s discrimination-free.

What club committees can do:

There are 8 key steps club committees should follow to create safe and fair clubs. These are essential foundations to preventing discrimination and other issues.

Specifically, when it comes to being discrimination consider:

  • Understand the laws – the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW is a comprehensive resource on discrimination and the law
  • Be familiar with the existing policies your sport likely has in this area and promote them often to members eg. Member Protection Policy and/or Codes of Conduct. These are generally set by your national or state peak body.
  • Have committee, volunteers and club members complete free online training in discrimination and harassment at Play by the Rules.
  • Lead by example – create a discrimination-free culture by dealing with incidents effectively and continually educating club members on appropriate behaviour. 

Resources and information to help

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Play by the Rules

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Australian Human Rights Commission 

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