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Her Sport Her Way Awards

Important dates:
Nominations open: 16 December 2019
Nominations close: 7 February 2020
Awards announced: March 2020

Her Sport Her Way Award Winners

Her Sport Her Way Award Guidelines

Nominate an individual or organisation

About the awards

Many individuals, clubs and organisations are striving to give women and girls more opportunities and equal access to participate in their sport. We want to recognise those people and highlight the important work they are doing.

Recognising and celebrating the achievement of leaders in women’s sport through awards and storytelling shines a light on gender equity across the sector.

Award categories

Young Achiever

Recognises an individual under 25 who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of women or girls in sport during 2019.

Examples include:  

  • Developing innovative programs to attract and retain female participants or develop female leaders
  • Addressing the drop out of adolescent girls
  • An official, coach, administrator or leader who is breaking new ground in their sport.
Outstanding Organisation

Recognises an organisation’s significant contribution and commitment to the advancement of women’s sport during 2019.

Examples include:  

  • Work towards pay parity and equal opportunities for female athletes, coaches, officials and administrators
  • Building positive, gender inclusive sporting cultures
  • Increasing sponsorship and investment in women’s sport and showcasing female athletes
  • Providing facilities that meet the current and future needs of women and girls
  • Supporting women or girls to reach their potential on and off the field.

Recognises a woman for her outstanding achievements during 2019, as a coach, official, administrator or leader, and a commitment to furthering opportunities for women and girls to participate.

Examples include:

  • Being a tireless advocate for equal opportunities for women and girls in sport 
  • Supporting or being a role model for girls and women who want to compete or work in sport
  • Improving the visibility of women in sport through work in broadcast/media
  • Research that contributes to the evidence base about female participants and their needs.
Trailblazers Recognises up to three women per year whose exceptional efforts over the long-term have advanced the opportunities for women’s and girls’ involvement in sport. These women have left a legacy for their sport and may have retired.

Examples include:
  • Any of those listed above contributed over a period greater than ten years.

Who is eligible?

Young Achiever Award: Individuals under 25 and currently residing in NSW
Outstanding Organisation Award:  NSW State Sporting Organisations, NSW State Sporting Organisations for people with Disability, associations, clubs and community organisations based in NSW
Champion Award:  Women over 18 and currently residing in NSW
Trailblazers Award:  Women over 18 and currently residing in NSW

How to nominate

Her Sport Her Way Award Guidelines

Nominate an individual or organisation

  • Nominations are to be made via the online form available on the Office of Sport website and a separate form is to be submitted for each nominee (500-word limit in on-line form). 
  • Nominations by individuals, organisations and self-nominations are encouraged
  • Nominations must outline how the person or organisation demonstrates the qualities and achievements described by the award category
  • Nominations must include a letter of support from the organisation 
  • Only information included within the nomination form and supporting letter will be used by the selection panel
  • Only one nomination under each category will be accepted from an individual or organisation
  • Nominations will not be accepted unless completed in full
  • Information submitted in the nomination, excluding the nominee’s contact details, may be used for promotional purposes.

Judging panel

A panel comprising Office of Sport staff and independent sport leaders will assess the nominations and allocate the awards.

Further information

For further information or assistance, contact the Office of Sport’s Her Sport Her Way team via email.