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Active Kids

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

The Active Kids program provides a voucher for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year.

Active Kids Voucher Expiry

The current Active Kids voucher expires on 31 January 2024. The new Active and Creative Kids voucher will be available from 1 February 2024.

From 1 July 2023, parents, guardians and carers of all school-age children are eligible for a $50 Active Kids voucher to use towards sport and active recreation costs.

The voucher is valid until 31 January 2024.

This means more kids can get involved in physical activity and learn healthy habits from a young age. The vouchers may be used with an approved Active Kids provider.

Why does the NSW Government want to get kids active?

Data from the NSW Population Health Survey shows that 75 per cent of children in NSW are not meeting the daily recommended level of physical activity, which is 60 active minutes each day. Further, 22 per cent of children aged 5-16 years are reported as being overweight or obese.

The Active Kids program, launched in 2018, aims to increase participation of school-enrolled children in sport and physical activity by providing parents with vouchers to help cover the cost of registration and membership fees. 

With 44 per cent of children spending more than two hours a day on sedentary leisure activities, the Active Kids program plays a crucial role in shifting physical activity behaviours of children and instilling healthy lifestyle habits. 

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For information about the Active Kids data or related enquiries please contact:

Philippa Taylor
Director, Policy

 Facts and Figures

Data* collected for Active Kids allows the NSW Government to measure the impacts and benefits of the program. This allows us to better tailor strategies to improve child participation. 

Below is a live dashboard with some key information on the performance of the Active Kids program. 

The default dashboard is for the whole State of New South Wales for the current calendar year to date. You can edit the filters at the top of the dashboard for details on specific locations.


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