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Office of Sport

How our functions affect members of the public

Who are our main clients, sector partners and stakeholders

  • State, national and international sporting organisations and peak sport bodies
  • Participants and volunteers in sport and active recreation and sport fans
  • Clubs, associations, and community sport and recreational groups
  • Advocacy groups
  • Sport and active recreation businesses and service providers
  • Elite athletes and professional sporting codes
  • Schools and students
  • Venue and facilities tenants
  • Local, State and Commonwealth government agencies

How are our customers affected by what we do

As one agency, we provide leadership and support to the sector to enhance its performance and sustainability.

We are responsible for planning, managing and delivering high quality venues, facilities, sport and active recreation development programs, high performance sport, and sports integrity and safety. We are also a driver for NSW sport policy and strategy, formation and dissemination of insights and information and the promotion of partnerships.

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