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For adults who are interested and passionate in supporting and enriching the lives of young people, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides a unique opportunity to become an Award Leader. Award Leaders are actively involved in keeping young people motivated and ensuring they are supported throughout their Award journey.

What is an Award Leader?

Award Leaders are appointed by Award Centres to become the contact person and mentor for Award Participants. They can be anyone from sporting coaches to teachers to organisation leaders.

Award Leaders bring a positive attitude and show a clear understanding of the needs of young people to successfully guide and mentor Participants. As an Award Leader, you will help translate the Award framework to Participants in a way that makes it meaningful for them, guide them in choosing from a diverse range of activities, set achievable goals, and support them in completing their Award.

Benefits of becoming an Award Leader

Through its internationally recognised framework, the Award not only benefits Participants, but offers a valuable and rewarding experience for Award Leaders. From building relationships with your local community, to developing your mentorship skills, and going on Adventurous Journeys with Award Participants, the opportunities for Award Leaders are endless.

As an Award Leader, you will:

  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment for Participants to complete their Award
  • Engage and enrich the lives of young people through an established framework
  • Connect with your local community
  • Build up your own skill set and professional development
  • Take up the challenge of going on the Adventurous Journeys with Participants you are actively involved with (optional)
  • Receive training and support through the Office of Sport’s Duke of Ed Award Leader Learning Locker

How do I become an Award Leader?

Award Leaders are appointed by Award Centres, they guide Participants on their Duke of Ed journey and roles can include being a sporting coach, teacher or an organisation leader. Award Leaders are an integral part of delivering the Duke of Ed Award.

Follow these steps to become an Award Leader:

  1. Register as an Award Leader through the Online Record Book (ORB)
  2. The NSW Division will then contact your Authorising Contact (e.g. Principal) to authorise your registration
  3. Once authorised, the NSW Division will email your login details to access the Duke of Ed Award Leader Learning Locker 
  4. Complete mandatory Award Leader Level 1 training modules through the Duke of Ed Award Leader Learning Locker 
  5. Your ORB registration will be approved on completion of mandatory Award Leader Level 1 training
  6. Register for Award Leader Level 2 training modules (within 3 months) through the Duke of Ed Award Leader Learning Locker


Information about promoting, managing and administering the Award are available on our resources page.
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