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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award leaders FAQs

1.    The previous Award Leader has left to take up another position and I’ve been asked to take-over. What do I need to do?

Refer to the Award Leader registration resources.

2.    I’m interested in getting the Award up and running in my organisation, what do I do?

Complete the Register Your Interest form and a member of our team will get in touch with you soon.

3.    My application to become an Award Leader is not yet approved in the ORB? Why is it so?

Acceptance is dependent upon:

  • Email approval from Authorising Contact eg Principal
  • Completion of Level 1 Award Leader training (Online)

4.    I am no longer the Duke of Ed Award Leader at my school/organisation, what do I need to do?

  • Advise the Duke of Ed NSW
  • Transfer any Active Participants in the ORB to a replacement Award Leader
  • Change your Award Leader status to ‘Inactive’ on the ORB via ORB Helpdesk

5.    What is the registration fee?

See the Schedule of Fees.

6.    When are certificates and badges distributed?

Certificates and badges for completed Bronze and Silver Awards during the previous month are distributed to the Award Centre within 3 weeks of the following month along with Gold badges. Gold certificates are presented at official ceremonies or if requested, sent directly to the Participant.

7.    How do I get a replacement badge or certificate?

Complete the Replacement Badge/Certificate form. Note, fees apply.

8.    I’ve got no experience in running Adventurous Journeys, what should I do?

A number of outdoor recreation providers offer a service. Refer to the Directory of Activity Providers .

9.    When are Participant registrations invoiced?

Invoices are based on ORB Approved registrations for the previous month and issued within the first two weeks of the following month and sent to the listed billing email address. Note, Government school invoices are sent to EDConnect direct.

10.    What do I do with ORB records for Participants who have registered but are not likely to finish?

Archive their ORB so their history is maintained. ORB filtering will then allow you to better manage ‘Current’ Participants.

11.    I have Participants who are leaving my organisation but they have not finished their Award. What should I do?

  • Update Participant contact details
  • Archive Participant ORB
  • Refer Participant to Open Award Centre if unable to find alternate Award Centre to complete their Award

12.    Who initiates the transfer between the Award Centres and how it is done?

The Participant, by completing the Participant Transfer form.

13.    I want to pay my invoice using Credit Card. Can I pay it over the phone?

No. However, the email with invoice has a link to make an online payment through the online payment portal.

14.    When will an Award Holder receive an invite to a Gold ceremony?

Award Holders will need to allow up to 6 months to be invited to a Gold Award Ceremony.

15.    How do I register for online training?

Refer to the Level 1 Award Leader Training guide.

16.    Who can I contact if I am having difficulties with the ORB?

You should contact the Online Record Book Helpdesk.

17.    What do I do if I have forgotten my password to the Online Record Book?

Click on ‘Forgot your password’ link on the ORB login page.