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Duke of Ed events


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award offers a range of events for Award Centres, Awards Leaders and participants to gain insights on how the award operates and to share their experiences. Events include Gold Award ceremonies, networking events, information sessions, training and program journeys.

Gold Award Ceremony

When a participant’s Gold Award has been achieved they are invited to attend a Gold Award ceremony at Government House. Hosted by the Office of Sport, ceremonies are usually held several times a year with the Vice Regal Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Australia, Her Excellency, who presents the award to recipients.

Award Leaders are also invited to attend the ceremony and are presented to Her Excellency after the Awardees have received their certificates. 

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Award Leader training

All Award Leaders are required to complete mandatory training prior to working with Award Participants. A combination of online and other training modules are delivered by the Office of Sport.

Level 1

Level 1 consists of an induction and provides an overview of the Award and explains roles and responsibilities whilst underpinning the Award’s guiding principles and framework. The delivery component provides an overview of skills theories and awareness required to effectively deliver the Award.

Level 2

Consists of a refresher of the level one and a range of other modules including the various sections of the Award and activities, insurance, child protection requirements, administration of the award, Online Record Book (ORB), marketing and promotion and the Adventurous Journey format.

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Networking events

Networking events provide a valuable opportunity to meet with like-minded Award Leaders to discuss and share experiences and identify opportunities to collaborate and build networks.

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Gold Residential Project

Complete your Gold Residential Project at one of our 10 Sport and Recreation Centres that offer a one to five-day program for school children during the school holidays. Volunteering for our holiday programs such as Adventurer, Make a Splash, or specialised programs like Craft Kids, Cooking for Kids or Hooked, Line and Sinker contribute towards personal development and relationship building skills as well as goal-setting and conquering challenges. 

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