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Office of Sport

Yes. Organisations are expected to meet the requirements of their Funding Agreement. Eligible applications will be assessed against the program aims, focus, objectives and assessment criteria.

Overdue grant acquittals of more than two years will affect your eligibility. 

Any organisations with outstanding financial acquittal and project reports should contact the Office of Sport grants unit

Yes. All applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application. For unsuccessful applicants this will include a summary of assessment panel feedback for consideration when preparing future grant applications.

Yes. If you have an established partnership and the agreement includes a financial component, this can be included in the applicant contribution. Co-contributed funding can be included as part of the overall budget or scope of the project. A letter of support from the project partner detailing their contribution to the project is required.

Yes. Applications for projects that have already been funded by the NSW Government must include significant new or additional scope to be considered.

No. The Office Sport personnel cannot review or provide feedback on any grant applications. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers are available on the grant program webpage and updated as required and you are encouraged to check this page regularly. The grant webpage also includes a program information session. Advice can be given relating to the online application process.

No. A separate application should be submitted for each project. Applicants seeking funding for multiple projects can advise of their project priority ranking in the application form. All projects will be assessed individually in line with the Guidelines.

No. The application process is competitive. It is anticipated that there will be a number of applications competing for the funding available. The maximum available to any one organisation is $50,000 p.a.

Successful applications will be those which best meet the objectives of the program, can demonstrate a need for the project, provide a cost-effective budget and can demonstrate that the organisation applying has the capacity to deliver the project. 

It is anticipated that successful grant announcements will be made from January 2023 onwards. Successful organisations will be advised in writing, which will include the requirements to accept the grant and enter into a funding agreement. Her Sport Her Way Grant Program Terms and Conditions and Funding Agreement are available on the Her Sport Her Way grants website.

Grant funding from the NSW State Government cannot be included as your co-contribution. Other NSW State Government grant funding must be used for an additional component of the project.

However, co-contributions made from Local and Federal Government funding sources can be included as part of your (min) 25% contribution.

Organisations can partner with an eligible organisation. Eligible organisations are encouraged to partner with other organisations, including those with specific experience working with women and girls and under-represented communities.

Further information for sporting organisations seeking recognition as the pre-eminent body for the development of their sport in NSW visit NSW State Sporting Organisation Recognition Program 

Project administration and staff wages are ineligible to receive grant funding but can be included in your co-contribution, but you must demonstrate these costs are directly related to the implementation and delivery of the project.


Costs related to short-term temporary contractors who are engaged specifically to implement the proposed project are eligible however you should demonstrate in your application how the program/project is sustainable beyond the contract.

It is good practice to complete the application in SmartyGrants well in advance of the closing time. Late applications can only be made where an applicant has started an application in SmartyGrants prior to the closing date/time. If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to lodge your application on time, you must contact at the earliest possible time and within one hour of the closing date/time.

The Office of Sport collects standard data across all our grant programs for statistical purposes.  While your project will primarily be focused on benefiting women and girls, it may also lead to an increase in participation among other gender groups.

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