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Office of Sport

The Frequently Asked Questions (Local Sport Grant Program) clarify matters that have been raised by organisations intending to make a grant funding submission. It will continue to be updated in response to inquiries.

All potential applicants are encouraged to regularly review the Frequently Asked Questions below to ensure that their application addresses the relevant requirements.

No. The application process is competitive. It is anticipated that there will be multiple applications competing for the funding available.

Successful applications will be those which best meet the objectives of the program, can demonstrate a need for the project, provide a cost-effective budget and can demonstrate that the organisation applying has the capacity to deliver the project.

Yes. This information can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

No.  All funding received must be related to the direct cost of the project. Administration costs for the projects must be covered by the applicant. A list of what will not be funded can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

This information can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

No. These programs aim to support new and innovative projects and are not for pre-existing or ongoing projects.

Only Incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots ‘sport clubs’ whose primary focus is to organise sporting activities; deliver ongoing sporting programs; and develop member’s skills can apply

Applicants must have Public Liability Insurance cover of at least $5m.

Only the above may apply, for clarification a list of who cannot apply can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines.

An application needs to be made by a single organisation which will accept responsibility should the application be successful. However, the application may identify partners that will add to the applicant organisation’s capacity to deliver the project.

Send your updated details to and we will make the amendments for you.

No. However, in order to receive grant payments successful applicants will require an ABN or provide a Statement of Supplier form.

To apply for an ABN, contact the Australian Taxation Office on 132866 or visit

Statement of supplier forms and eligibility for their use is available online from the Australian Taxation Office at statement by a supplier form.

Yes. Applicants may submit more than one application. However, there is a limit to the amount of funding that will be awarded to one particular applicant. Information on this limit can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

An initial eligibility assessment will be undertaken to determine that:

  • The applicant organisation is eligible to apply under the LSGP Guidelines and has Public Liability Insurance with a minimum $5 million cover.
  • The application is complete, submitted by the closing date, contains the required supporting documentation.
  • The application meets program requirements in regard to project commencement and completion dates and amount of funds requested.
  • The application demonstrates strategic alignment, capacity to deliver and a sound project budget.
  • The application has been reviewed to confirm the project location provided is in NSW and in the correct electorate.
  • The application, if submitted by a licensed club, specifically relates to the sport and not the licenced premises.
  • If the application has been submitted by a sport club associated with a church or a school, the incorporation details have been confirmed and are in the name of the club.

Organisations must accept the terms and conditions of the program and claim the grant within 28 days of notification.

The project timeline is program specific; information can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

All sections of the application should be completed. If you fail to complete a mandatory field, you will be prompted to do so. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.

All project types must provide quote(s) to validate the project budget

For Sport Facility projects, you will also need to upload the following documentation:

  • a copy of your development consent (DA)* or evidence that such consent is not required (letter from Council)
  • evidence that you have owners consent to do the project.

Note: When submitting your application, you are required to declare that the information provided in the application is true and correct and that you have read and understood the program guidelines.

  • Organisations registered for GST: exclude GST from the amount of funding requested in your project budget. GST will be paid to your organisation if successful.
  • Organisations not registered for GST: include GST in the costs for your project budget. Please ensure that quotes you receive are inclusive of GST that will be charged by trades or suppliers.

Applications can only be submitted online using the SmartyGrants platform, the ‘apply now’ link on the grant program webpage will take you to the program application page where you can start a submission, preview the form and download a form.

For technical assistance, please contact SmartyGrants on 03 9320 6888 or email

For grant information please contact the Office of Sport on 13 13 02 or email If you have difficulties with the internet, your local library or TAFE College may be able to assist you with access to the internet. 

First you will receive an email notification that your application has been successfully submitted, this email will contain a PDF of your application. If you do not receive the confirmation email, you should presume that your submission has NOT been submitted.

Applicant organisations and projects will be checked for eligibility.

Projects will be assessed on merit and scored against the following criteria:

  • The project will effectively deliver on one or more of the program’s objectives and demonstrates strategic alignment to the Office of Sport Strategic Plan.
  • The project will meet an identified need effectively.
  • The applicant organisation has the capacity and experience to deliver the project.
  • The budget is reasonable and cost effective.

Refer to the Grant Program Guidelines for further information.

This often depends on how many applications are received. Generally, the process can take up to 6 months.

There are no appeals for unsuccessful applications under this program. It is recommended that you apply again in the next round of the program.

No. The online system will not accept applications submitted after the published closing date and time.

If you are having any technical issues submitting your application, you should contact SmartyGrants on 03 9320 6888 or email

For any questions specific to the application contact 13 13 02 or email well in advance of the closing date and in time to seek assistance.

The overall aim of the grant program is to increase participation in sport and structured physical activity. The grant program has a specific set of objectives, and these can be found in the Grant Program Guidelines. 

The Office of Sport staff are available to provide advice to applicants on interpreting the Grant Program Guidelines, and to provide advice on the types of activities that are relevant to each of the funding categories. However, staff are not able to provide advice that may be perceived as providing an unfair advantage to one applicant over another.

  1. Agrees that a grant of (“Granted Amount”); has been approved to assist with the project titled:  (Project).
  2. Acknowledges that all information provided in its online application is true and correct and forms part of this contract. This includes, without limitation, the information provided in regard to the budget and the project outputs and project outcomes
  3. Agrees to maintain the currency of its incorporation and liability insurance (minimum $5 million) until the terminating date of this agreement.
  4. Acknowledges that the Project should be completed by 31 May 2023. If the Project has not been completed by this time, the Agency may withdraw the grant and require the return of the funding, or any unspent balances, at its discretion in accordance with the standard funding agreement terms and conditions.
  5. Agrees that the Agency will only pay the Funding once the Organisation:
    • a. Accepts these terms and conditions of the Agreement (within 28 days of being notified as successful); and
    • b. Issues a tax invoice to the Agency or, if {Organisation Name} does not have an ABN, provides a completed Australian Taxation Office “Statement by a Supplier” form (No. NAT3346).
  6. Agrees to provide the Agency, in accordance clause 4.3(c) of the Funding Agreement:
    • a. final evaluation documentation on the Project, within the time period directed by the Agency;
    • b. with a certificate of the use verifying that the Funding was used for the purpose they were granted (certificate must be countersigned by a qualified CPA or equivalent for grants over $30,000); and
    • c. for facility projects, a photo of the completed project and acknowledgement sign in accordance with paragraph 10 below.
  7. Agrees to provide any other documentation requested by the Agency which evidences to our satisfaction that the Project has been completed.
  8. Agrees to inform the Agency, as soon as possible via if, for whatever reason the Organisation is unable to proceed with the Project.
  9. Agrees that any variation to the Project, as detailed in the online application, must be agreed to in writing by the Agency before such variation can occur. Correspondence should be directed to the Agency via
  10. In accordance with clause 4.3 of the Funding Agreement, notes that the Agency reserves the right to audit funds provided in relation to this Agreement and may reduce proportionally the amount of grant, if the final total project cost is less than the amount stated in the application you may be required to return over payment of funding.
  11. Agrees, in addition to the requirements of clause 4.13.1 of the Funding Agreement, that a permanent sign will be attached to the facility (for facility development projects only). Funding recipients are responsible for the production, printing, placement and ongoing maintenance as well as seeking approval of permanent signs. Before production, please send designs for approval to
  12. Waives, releases and discharges the Agency and the NSW Government and their employees, agents, contractors and servants (each "the Released Persons") from, and indemnifies the Released Persons against, all and any claim, right or cause of action arising from this contract and/or arising from the provision of funding by the NSW Government.
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