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Sport Infrastructure Recovery Fund 2022 Grant Recipients

Program Name: 2022 Sport Priority Needs Program 

Program Function:  Part of the NSW Government's $207 million 2022 Community Local Infrastructure Recovery Package, the purpose of the $12 million Sport Priority Needs Program is to prioritise funding to support LGAs whose sport and recreation facilities are considered most impacted by the NSW floods in February-March 2022. The Program supports applicants to: Undertake detailed damage and technical assessments, feasibility studies, planning, detailed designs and options for investments to mitigate risks for impacted essential community sport facilities. Repair, reconstruct and support future resilience in sport facilities to ensure safe and accessible facilities are immediately available for return to training and competition. Promote and support environmental sustainability and climate resiliency measures in design, construction and operation. 

Program Term: Applications opened on 15 August 2022, closed on 9 September 2022 and grants were announced in November 2022. Projects are expected to commence within six (6) months of announcements, and it is anticipated the Program and expenditure will conclude by December 2024. 

Applicants: 8 eligible Councils submitted applications for funding to support 64 separate projects, 61 of which were successful. 

Probity: The Office of Sport engages an independent probity advisor to oversee its grant programs. The role of the probity advisor is to ensure program administration satisfies probity principles of impartiality, fairness, accountability, confidentiality and achieves policy objectives. In doing this the probity advisor:

  • Reviews and provides feedback on key program documents
  • Provides clarifications to queries when required
  • Recommends management action for conflicts of interest and any other probity issues that arise
  • Attends assessment meetings to ensure, amongst other things, that assessment criteria are applied diligently, and the assessment is based on information provided by applicants.

With respect to this particular grant program, the probity advisor confirms the process was open and fair and there are no outstanding probity issues.

Source Agency: The NSW Office of Sport administered the Program on behalf of the NSW Government. Final decisions on the award of funding were made by the Minister for Sport. 


Recipient Name Recipient Location - LGA Program Delivery Location Project title Project Description Individual Project Funding Amount Total Funding Amount per Recipient
Byron Shire Council Byron Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds sporting amenities  Re-establish the amenities block so that it is fit for purpose as a unisex accessible public and community sport amenities-change room facility. $372,000.00  
    Linda Vidler Park  Linda Vidler Recreation Grounds - sports field drainage Major drainage and field restoration works are needed in order to return the sports fields for training and match play. $495,633.00  
    Cavanbah Sport and Cultural Centre Cavanbah Netball Courts Remove damaged asphalt and replace and resurface the three courts with the same weather resistant surface suitable for Netball, Tennis, Basketball and Roller-skating. $150,637.00  
    Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds - Cricket Replacement of synthetic wicket cover, fields laser leveled, fertilized and top dressed, repair of practice nets and provision of vehicle exclusion barriers. $68,560.00  
    Tom Kendall Sports Ground Tom Kendal Sports Ground Restore perimeter fencing and address mould and silt build up related issues with player and spectator amenities. $75,000.00  
    Byron Memorial Recreation Grounds Byron Bay Croquet Club Core, scarify, laser level, top dress lawns, overhaul of trenches and grates. Replace internal clubhouse flooring.  Replace damaged sheds. $39,000.00  
    Tyagarah Fields Tyagarah Fields Parachute Landing Leveling and resurfacing works. $67,430.00  
    Mullumbimby Rugby League Football Club  Repairs to Mullumbimby Leagues Club fields Repair and rebuild the fields. $350,000.00  
Clarence Valley Council Clarence Rushforth Park  Rushforth Park Field Improvements Design and construction of suitable field drainage to provide climatic resilience. $499,796.00  
    Barnier Park  Barnier Park Field Improvements Design and construction of suitable field drainage and aluminum weather-proof seating to provide climatic resilience. $384,935.00  
    Yamba Sports Complex  Yamba Sports Complex, Rugby League Field Improvements Design and construction of suitable field drainage for the rugby league field for climatic resilience. $100,596.00  
    Hawthorne Rodeo Park  Hawthorne Park Arena One and Drainage Improvements Improved drainage around arena one and aluminum seating to improve the climatic resilience. $283,798.00  
Hawkesbury City Council Hawkesbury Bensons Lane Sporting Complex Remediation of Sporting Fields - Bensons Lane Sporting Complex Weed spraying, coring, fertilisation, sprigging, returfing where required and top dressing of 8 soccer fields, 6 baseball diamonds, 2 AFL fields, 2 synthetic cricket pitches/wickets and 3 turf cricket pitches/wickets. Earthworks and concreting of the swale. $382,940.00  
    South Windsor Park  Repair of South Windsor Netball Courts The repair and restoration of the netball courts. $366,206.00  
    Breakaways Ovals  Remediation of Sporting Fields - Breakaways Ovals Remediation of 2 cricket fields for use in the in the second half of the 2022 / 2023 cricket season. $53,104.00  
    Colbee Park  Remediation of Sporting Fields - Colbee Park Remediation of the playing fields for the soccer & cricket complex including coring, weed spraying, fertilisation, top dressing, turfing. $156,326.00  
    Deerubbin Park  Remediation of Sports Fields - Deerubbin Park Remediation of the playing surfaces of the sporting fields. $37,136.00  
    Deerubbin Park  New Amenities Block Design - Deerubbin Park Design a new amenities block  to ensure that these facilites will be resilient to future floods. $185,136.00  
    Bensons Lane Sporting Complex Sports Field Drainage - Bensons 7 & Owen Earle Oval Installation of drainage systems to Bensons 7 and Owen Earle Oval. $105,825.00  
Lismore City Council Lismore Oakes Oval, Crozier Field, Blair Oval, Mortimer Oval, Roder Oval, Davidson Oval, Richards Oval, Nesbitt Park Field 1 , Nesbitt Park , Marie Lee Oval , Lyn Larson Oval, Arthur Park Oval, McKenzie Park Oval, Neilson Park Sporting Fields, Albert Park Sporting Fields, Riverview Park. Lismore Sports Field Flood Recovery Renovation 16 of Lismore's most significantly flood impacted sporting fields will be remediated. Scarification, coring and levelling will be used to reinstate the fields back to a suitable playing standard. $494,754.00  
    Lismore Basketball Stadium Lismore Basketball Stadium Subfloor Drainage Improvements Design and deliver subsoil drainage and binding layer to improve drainage under the facility's basketball court surface. $236,853.00  
    Mortimer Oval  Marist Brothers Cricket Club Netting Facility Rebuild New netting, cables, wiring and poles to support the reinstatement of the facility's cricket nets. $43,834.00  
    Caniaba Street Reserve South Lismore Celtic Football Club Sports Field Fence Replacement Replace the safety perimeter fencing. $55,720.00  
    Lismore Kart Club  Lismore Kart Club Facility Upgrade Repairs and replacement of the canteen, officials building, outgrid shelter, maintenance buildings and the relocation and modification of existing toilet and shower facilities to improve user accessibility. $497,000.00  
    Nimbin Headers Sports Field  Nimbin Headers Football Club Field Drainage Improvements Comprehensive drainage; incorporating top dressing and soil amendment program to enhance the two playing fields. $164,842.00  
Tweed Shire Council Tweed Vic Bianchetti Sportsgrounds  Vic Bianchetti Sportsgrounds Restoration and Resilience Project Restore the sportsclub building. Key works include repairing damage to the clubhouse, canteen, food and beverage area, toilet, and change rooms as well as increase the height of electrical services. $490,000.00  
    Stan Sercombe Oval  Stan Sercombe Oval Restoration and Resilience Project Reinstate the club house canteen and changerooms. The key work consists of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, joinery, plastering, waterproofing, painting, and flooring, as well as raising the height of electrical services. $105,303.00  
    Barrie Smith Fields  Barrie Smith Fields Restoration and Resilience Project Restoring the clubhouse canteen, food/ beverage area, changerooms, and flood lighting at field 2. $240,000.00  
    Knox Park Netball  Knox Park Netball Restoration and Resilience Project Repair and restoration of the clubhouse canteen, facility meeting room, store rooms, change rooms, resurfacing of netball court 2, and minor restoration to courts 3 – 6.  $291,338.00  
    Jim Devine Field  Jim Devine Field Restoration and Resilience Project Restoration of the canteen, food and beverage serving areas, toilets, changerooms, and storage rooms.  $201,000.00  
    Brian Breckenridge Field  Brian Breckenridge Field Restoration and Resilience Project Restoration of the clubhouse and changerooms.  $29,591.00  
    John Rabjones & Les Cave Oval  John Rabjones & Les Cave Oval Restoration and Resilience Project Repair and restoration of the clubhouse, toilets and changerooms.  $61,000.00  
    Bilambil Sports Complex West Bilambil Sports Complex West Restoration and Resilience Project Restoration of the clubhouse recreation area, storage room, cool room, canteen, and changerooms.  $27,595.00  
    Murwillumbah Tennis Courts  Murwillumbah Tennis Courts Restoration and Resilience Project Repair and restoration of the clubhouse storeroom, toilets and changerooms. $16,800.00  
    Bilambil Sports Complex East  Bilambil Sports Complex East Restoration and Resilience Project Repair and restoration of the clubhouse recreation area, storage room, cool room, canteen, and changerooms. $34,428.00  
Kyogle Council Kyogle Norman Johnson Oval  Bonalbo Tennis Courts restoration Tennis Courts restoration, including new surfaces and provision of multi-sport court and fencing. $315,000.00  
    Woodenbong Sports Ground  Woodenbong Sports Ground Sub soil drainage and reshape to improve site drainage. $245,000.00  
    Kyogle Recreational Grounds  Kyogle Recreational Grounds Sub soil drainage and surface levelling. $96,400.00  
    Norman Johnson Oval  Bonalbo’s Norman Johnston Oval Sub soil drainage and surface levelling. $106,400.00  
    Don Gully Oval  Don Gully Oval Sub soil drainage and surface levelling. $106,400.00  
    Mallanganee Sports Ground  Mallanganee Sports Ground Sub soil drainage and levelling. $165,000.00  
    Kyogle High School Grounds  Kyogle High School Grounds Sub soil drainage and surface levelling, raise electrical panel above flood level. $101,400.00  
    Kyogle Rugby League fields  Kyogle Rugby League fields Piped drainage cleaning and clearing, and installation of concrete dish drains around playing area. $102,000.00  
    Tabulam Sports Ground Tabulam Sports Ground Replace existing bitumen tennis court with new concrete multi-purpose courts and new fencing. $156,000.00  
    Kyogle Golf Club  Kyogle Golf Club Repair and remediate drainage issues. $106,400.00  
Richmond Valley Council Richmond Valley Woodburn Oval Woodburn Oval Test irrigation lines under the main field and fit infrastructure to underground the irrigation system. $152,574.00  
    Colley Park Colley Park Restoration Project Restore playing surfaces of soccer fields, change halogen lamps to LEDs on soccer fields, demolish and replace basketball court, install irrigation on second soccer field. $495,205.00  
    Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park New cricket nets, correcting undulations, depressions and bare areas across all fields and drainage improvements to two fields. $436,199.00  
    Stan Payne Oval Stan Payne Oval New cricket nets, correcting undulations, depressions and bare areas across all fields at the park. $179,456.00  
    Windsor Park Windsor Park Correcting undulations, depressions and bare areas across all fields at the park.

Installation of recycled plastic bollards on park boundaries.
    Casino Croquet Club Casino Croquet Club Scarifying, aerovating and fertilising the turf surface. Installing an accessible concrete path into the facility from the carpark with a handrail. $34,757.00  
    Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park Storage Shed Construction of a new 12 x 9 x 2.4m shed with a 5m awning for storage purposes at Queen Elizabeth Park Casino. $163,169.00  
Ballina Shire Council Ballina Kingsford Smith Park Kingsford Smith Park Sporting Field Flood Repairs and Drainage Improvements Improvement of drainage, installation of storm water pipes and surface pits below existing surface swale drains. $390,000.00  
    Fripp Oval Flood Fripp Oval Flood Repairs and Improvements Improved sports field drainage and surface conditions. Installation of a control link remote lighting system, and replacement of the flood damaged cricket practice nets. $240,000.00  
    Saunders Oval Saunders Oval Sports Field Drainage and Surface Improvements Improvements to drainage, levels and resurfacing. Subsurface drainage, regrading and laser leveling.  $500,000.00  
    Ballina Heights Sports Field Ballina Heights Sports Field Drainage and Surface Improvements Sports field drainage, leveling and resurfacing. $100,000.00  
    Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park Track Repairs Repair of the tracks damaged during the flood events at Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park. $50,000.00  
    Ballina Tennis Club Ballina Tennis Club Fence and Court Repairs Repairs to the damaged court surface and perimeter fencing. $45,000.00  
    Tintenbar Tennis Club Tintenbar Tennis Club Repair of Flood Damaged Courts Replacement of two tennis court surfaces and the repair of the court drains. $65,000.00  
    Quays Reserve Quays Reserve Flood Repairs Remediation of the playing field surface as well as replacement of the field fencing. $90,000.00  
    Chickiba Park Chickiba Park Lighting Improvements Installation of a remote lighting control link for sports field lighting management. $20,000.00  



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