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Office of Sport

Surf Club Facility Program

The Surf Club Facility Program aims to assist eligible Surf Life Saving Clubs throughout NSW to develop facilities that will enable increased participation in Surf Life Saving for all people, increased facility usage, and improved safety.

Applications closed Friday, 11 February 2022 at 1pm.


Potential applicants are encouraged to review our frequently asked questions to ensure that their application addresses the relevant requirements.

View the guidelines here. 

View the Surf Club Facility Program information session video here presentation here.

Important dates

  • Applications open – Friday, 26 November 2021
  • Applications close – 1pm, Friday 11 February 2022
  • Outcomes advised – March 2022 onwards
  • Funding agreements executed for successful projects – 31 May 2022
  • Construction must commence by September 2022 and be completed by March 2024 

Key objectives

The Program aims to assist eligible Surf Life Saving Clubs throughout NSW to develop facilities that will enable increased participation in Surf Life Saving for all people, increased facility usage, and improved safety.  

The key objectives of the Program are:   

  • Provide inclusive and accessible multi-sport facilities that support participation in sport and increase opportunities for women and girls, people with disability, First Nations peoples and people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities  

  • Increase the usage and/or participant numbers in Surf Life Saving 

  • Increase the use of Surf Life Saving facilities by community groups and/or the public 

  • Improve safety at Surf Life Saving facilities 

  • Improve the standard of Surf Club facilities incorporating best practice design principles

Funding availability

The NSW Government has allocated up to $4,000,000 for this Program in 2021/22. 

The Surf Club Facility Program provides grants between $30,000 and $500,000 per project. 

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants are: 

  • Surf Life Saving Clubs in NSW; or 

  • Surf Life Saving NSW Branch. Branches are able to apply for surf club related works e.g. storage sheds for emergency equipment. However, they will only be considered if all eligible applications from Surf Life Saving Clubs in the round receive funding.   

Applicants must have a Public Liability Insurance with a minimum $5 million cover. 

Ineligible applicants

Ineligible applicants are any organisation types not listed in the ‘Eligible Applicants’ section, and include (but are not limited to): 

  • Organisations not affiliated with Surf Life Saving NSW  

  • Individuals 

Organisations named by the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse on its list of institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme are not eligible for funding under this program. 

Types of projects

To be considered eligible, the project must: 

  • Be on land within NSW  

  • Have landowner consent for the project on the land on which the facility is to be developed (including native title clearance where required) 

  • Have a current Development Application (if required)

For projects located on public land, a landowner consent form or signed letter of consent from the appropriate authorised delegate must be provided. For example, for projects located on public school land, a letter of support for the specific project must be provided from School Infrastructure NSW as part of the application.  

Additional information also sought includes evidence of applicant’s tenure and lease arrangements. 

Projects must have a current approved Development Application as part of their application or demonstrate that a Development Application is not required and should thereby be ready to be delivered (projects must be “shovel ready”).  

Applications that do not demonstrate Development Application approval or that a Development Application is not required may be set aside from further consideration. 

Examples of eligible project types and costs include: 

  • Construction of new Surf Life Saving Club facilities; and   

  • Capital enhancement of existing Surf Life Saving Club facilities.  

Priority will be given to Surf Club facilities identified as: 

  • Being in poor or unserviceable condition 

  • Addressing a demonstrated need for the community 

  • High urgency to address facility building compliance requirements

Ineligible projects are any projects or project components that don’t meet “Eligible Projects” section, and include (but are not limited to): 

  • Facility planning including preparation of feasibility studies, design or development stages for a project 

  • That are not used primarily for surf life saving activities 

  • That do not meet relevant Australian Standards 

  • That have commenced or completed at the time of application  

  • For any costs associated with preparing and submitting the funding application  

  • Related primarily to operational expenditure, including but not limited to regular repairs and maintenance 

  • Administration costs with the exception of direct external / independent project management costs 

  • That involve the development of private or commercial ventures 

  • Project items and scope that have already been funded by the NSW Government unless previously funded under this program 

  • For projects already receiving NSW Government financial assistance will be eligible under this program 

  • Repair of facilities where the damage can be covered by insurance 

  • Purchase or lease of land/facility 

  • Purchase of portable equipment including computers, printers, office machinery, surf boards, stop watches, sails on boats, flagpoles etc. 

Each application will be checked for eligibility by the Office of Sport. All applications, including those with uncertain eligibility assessments will be referred to the Grant Assessment Panel for a final determination on eligibility. 

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