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Office of Sport

Participation Planning Tool resources and glossary


Barrier: A negative outcome identified by the sector at an organisational-level or consumer-level.

Consumer:  A participant or fan of the sport.

Market Insights: Information about the consumer and the broader market, gained through market research or analysis of available data.

Deliverer:  An organisation or individual providing opportunities for consumers to participate in a sport product.

Driver:  A cause of one of the major outcomes (positive and negative) identified by the sector at an organisation or consumer-level.

Elements:  A priority consideration set for sports when assessing performance and developing their internal plans.

Outcomes: Positive or negative experiences at an organisation-level or consumer-level. Effectively implemented drivers result in positive outcomes. Ineffectively implemented drivers result in negative outcomes.

Performance Measures: An indication of performance which specifies a desired, quantifiable change within a timeframe.

Product:  A program for sport participants.

Product Design: The features and benefits developed for the product.

Trend:  A general direction in which something is changing or developing.

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