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Office of Sport

Parents, Guardians and Carers

Below are a series of resources and websites to guide and assist parents supporting their children’s engagement and journey within sport. 

Produced in collaboration with Fiona McCarthy, Sport Psychologist  


Sport Australia offers individual athlete grants and scholarships

The Australian Sport Foundation offers individuals and/or organisations support to fundraise for: sporting equipment, upgrades to facilities, travel, training and coaching costs, development pathways and programs, injury/medical costs, and individual/team travel costs.

NSW Sporting Grants Summary (Sport NSW)

Promoting Positive Parental Engagement in Sport

Attending to a key action of the Future Champions strategy specific to empowering emerging athletes and their parents, guardians and carers, the NSW Office of Sport in collaboration with sport psychologist Fiona McCarthy, has recently developed a suite of practical resources for parents and sporting organisations and personnel to support positive parental engagement.

Webinar - November 2022
Watch Pathways Masterclass webinar


ABC of Parenting

Five Tips of Positive Parenting

Advice for Sporting Organisations

Parenting tips to help to connect with your child

Preventing and overcoming athlete burnout

Role modelling wise mindsets

Dealing with losing/disappointment

Mind and Body Connection

The Selection process – how to manage success and disappointment

Managing sibling rivalry

How to keep your kids confident and in control

Dealing with Winning – A Parent’s guide

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