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Office of Sport

Social and Recreational Sport Participants

Below are a series of resources and websites to guide and assist social and recreational sport participants across the lifespan. 

Resources and websites

FTEM NSW Flyer (PDF, 11.52 MB) (NSW Office of Sport)

FTEM NSW Systems Overview - Foundational levels only

FTEM NSW Best Practice Tips for Instructors and Coaches - Foundational levels only

Foundational Tips for Parents Infographic (PDF, 1.73 MB) (PDF, 1.73 MB) (PDF, 1.73 MB)

Active Abilities Series (Sport NSW) 

Physical Activity tips for Seniors (Better Health Channel – Victorian Government)

Food for your sport (Sport Dieticians Australia)

Hydration Guidelines (Sports Dieticians Australia)

Strategies for Injury Management (Sports Medicine Australia)

Top Ten Tips for Parents (Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport) – Click on each tip to gain access to specific advice and a dedicated podcast 

Physical Literacy (Sport AUS)

Yulunga Traditional Games (Sport AUS) 

Sports Ability (Sport AUS)

Play for Life (Sport AUS)

Inclusive Sport (Sport AUS)

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