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Codes of conduct are important for all sporting organisations.  They set out a standard and expectation of behaviour for everyone involved – administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators.

Issues covered in Codes of conduct can be many and varied - from on-field incidents, sideline abuse and mismanagement, to inappropriate social media posts, unfair treatment, poor sportsmanship and more.

Codes of conduct are only useful if you communicate on them often – don’t let them gather dust on the shelf.

What club committees can do

There are 8 key steps club committees should follow to create safe and fair clubs. 

Specifically, when it comes to codes of conduct:

  • Be familiar with the existing codes and policies your sport likely has and promote them often to members. These are generally set by your national or state peak body.
  • Spread the word - once created, there are several ways you can make members aware and bring your code of conduct to life:
  • Have members sign a copy when they register
  • Put them up around your venue, where possible
  • Make them a part of inductions, meetings and training
  • Put them in newsletters, on your website and in club correspondence – and explain what they mean

Information and resources to help

Check with your national or state sporting organisation.

Play by the Rules

Includes videos and tips for committees, coaches, parents and players

Conduct and behaviour guide

Including videos and tips for committees, coaches, parents and players

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