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Every day, in sporting venues around the country, people are taking and using photos and videos. Whether it’s a parent videoing their child or a professional photographer taking photos for a club, it’s important for clubs to understand how photos and videos can be taken and used.

What club committees can do

There are 8 key steps club committees should follow to create safe and fair clubs. Specifically, when it comes to taking images consider:

  • Understand the laws – Play by the Rules provides some guidance for sport clubs 
  • Be familiar with the existing policies your sport likely has in this area and promote them often to members eg. Technology use policy, Member Protection Policy and/or Codes of Conduct. These are generally set by your national or state peak body.

Information and resources to help

Play by the Rules

Taking images or video of children at sporting events

National eSafety office

Guide to photos, videos and social media for organisations

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