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Office of Sport

The Australian Standard on Risk Management (AS/NZ ISO 3100:2018 provides guidelines on managing risk faced by organisations. The application of these guidelines can be customized to any organization and its context.

ISO 31000:2018 provides a common approach to managing any type of risk and is not industry or sector specific.

ISO 31000:2018 can be used throughout the life of the organization and can be applied to any activity, including decision-making at all levels.

The Guidelines for Managing Risks in Sport and Recreation (HB 246:2010) set out a systematic approach you can use to manage risk.

As with any legal documents, this does not replace obtaining legal advice on each sport’s specific requirements and it is recommended you do so.
The information provided is for your information only. The authors and the NSW Office of Sport accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or your reliance upon it.

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