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There are currently a number of firearm clubs operating out of the Sydney International Shooting Centre. Resident club members enjoy discounted rates on shooting range and firearm hire.

If you’re a licensed shooter, you can join one of our resident shooting clubs. Contact the shooting club of your choice to find out more. Requirements vary from club to club.

Note: Club attendance may vary.  Contact your club for specific dates and times.

Alpine Hunting and Target Shooting Club

0419 241 031 sends e-mail)

Every 2nd Sat

Australian Target Shooters Club

1300 766 213 sends e-mail)

Last Sat and Sun monthly

Genesys Pistol and Target Shooting Club 0408 880 031 sends e-mail)  1st and 3rd Sun monthly
HVS Pistol & Target Shooting Club 0407 215 031    
Sporting Target Pistol Club sends e-mail)  Wednesday and Friday night

API Pistol Club 0408 284 704 sends e-mail)

Sun bi-monthly

Burilda Pistol Club 0412 346 348   Wednesday nights weekly
Cecil Park Pistol Club 0408 025 937 sends e-mail)

1st and 4th Wednesday nights monthly

Illawarra Pistol Club 0418 430 059

2nd Sat and 4th Sun monthly

Kemps Creek Pistol Club 0408 026 626 sends e-mail)

Wednesday nights weekly

Pegasus Pistol Club 0408 811 603 sends e-mail)

Wednesday afternoon and nights weekly

Pinpoint Pistol Club  0401 464 464 sends e-mail)

Fri nights weekly

Rangers Pistol Club 0418 866 801


1st and 3rd Sat monthly

United Pistol Club (02) 9668 9950 sends e-mail)

1st and 3rd Sun monthly

API Rifle Club




Legion Target Rifle Club 0417 665 628 sends e-mail)

Sat mornings weekly

Nepean Hunters 02 9673 3110   1st Wednesday night monthly
Nepean Smallbore Rifle Club

- sends e-mail)

2nd Sat monthly

Sydney High School Rifle Club

- sends e-mail)

Sat mornings (varies), smallbore ISSF only

Cecil Park Clay Target Club 0498 261 299 sends e-mail)

Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun weekly

Nepean Hunters 02 9673 3110   3rd Wednesday night monthly
Maria’s Hunting Club 0424 551 442   1st Sun monthly

You can also find non-resident clubs through the following associations:

Club attendance records

The Sydney International Shooting Centre does not provide attendance records to resident shooting clubs or the Firearms Registry, this is your responsibility. Licensed shooters receive a sign-in slip on arrival that may be valid for club attendance. Attendance requirements vary from club to club so it’s best to check with your club to find out more.

Can I become a member of a shooting club by joining Sydney International Shooting Centre?

No. The Sydney International Shooting Centre is a shooting range, not a shooting club and doesn’t meet firearm licensing requirements of Club membership. Find out how to get a NSW Firearms Licence.

Recreational hunting

To obtain a recreational hunting licence, you’ll need to join a recreational hunting club or own a rural property or have written permission from a rural property owner to shoot on their land. Recreational hunters can shoot to safely sight in their firearms at the Sydney International Shooting Centre in designated areas.

Centrefire rifle shooting

Centrefire rifle shooting is not available at Sydney International Shooting Centre but is available at Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex. Find out more about the Shooting Complex.

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