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Long Arms Firearm Safety Course will be temporarily unavailable due to the transfer of Firearm Registration permits.

Get your NSW Firearms Licence – it’s an easy four-step process.

Good news: SISC can provide the long arms for rifle shooters to complete their Firearms Safety Training.

Unsure what type of licence to get? Why not check out our Try Shooting program to find out.

Visit the NSW Firearms Registry website or call 1300 362 562 and provide your ‘genuine reason’ for using a firearm and the category of licence you want.

Note that category A is for air rifles, rim-fire rifles and shotguns; category B is for centrefire rifles and shotgun/centrefire combinations; and category H is for pistols.

You will need to complete the relevant firearms forms. 

To satisfy the ‘genuine reason’ for registration, shooters must join a target shooting club. Check out our resident shooting clubs.

Additional requirements for pistol licences:

You’ll need two character references to join a pistol club. Referees must be 18 years and over and have known you for at least 2 years.

Shooters must also complete Firearms Safety Training. Rifle shooters can book their training at Sydney International Shooting Centre

Pistol shooters will receive Firearms Safety Training through their pistol club.

Finally, submit your completed application forms to the NSW Firearms Registry and wait 28 days for issue of licence.

Click here if you are looking for more information on firearms licensing and ownership in NSW please go to.

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