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The Sydney International Shooting Centre makes available long-term secure and safe storage of firearms on a monthly or annual hire basis. Shooters can now ensure that their firearms are secured in a facility that meets the rules on safe storage of firearms.

General rules of firearms storage

Category A and B firearms

  • Must be locked in a container made of hardwood or steel which is not easily penetrable
  • If the container weighs less than 150kg when empty, it must be fixed to the wall or floor in order to prevent its easy removal
  • Locks on the container must be made of solid metal.

Category C, D and H firearms

  • Must be locked in a steel safe that is bolted to a permanent structure
  • The safe should be no less than 6mm thick and be constructed with welding on all external edges
  • The safe needs to be fitted with a six-lever, key pick resistant deadbolt locking mechanism.

Ammunition must be locked in a separate locked container that may be part of the main container.

For more information contact 13 13 02.

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