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Office of Sport

Firearm hire will be temporarily unavailable due to the transfer of Firearm Registration permits.

The Sydney International Shooting Centre has a number of pistols and rifles available for hire to licensed shooters under the supervision of our Range Officers.

Category A licence

You must show a current and valid firearms category A licence to hire: 

  • Air Rifle ― Feinwerkbau 700 Alu 1.77 calibre
  • Rifle ― Anschutz 1451 .22 calibre
  • Rifle ― Brno CZ 452 2 E Classic .22 calibre
  • Shotgun ― Miroku 12 guage

Category H (handgun) licence

You must show a current and valid firearms category H licence to hire:

  • Pistol ― Pardini SP .22 calibre
  • Pistol ― Ruger MLK III 512 .22 calibre
  • Air Pistol ― Morini CM162MI .177 calibre

Conditions of entry

  • All shooters must to present their current firearms licence to Sydney International Shooting Centre staff. The firearms licence will be recorded into the range attendance system. 
  • Shooters must adhere to the range rules and conditions of entry
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